TA3 Swim: All Inclusive Swimwear

TA3 Swim: All Inclusive Swimwear

“Freedom to relax and indulge without swimsuit stress”

– Leila Shams

About The TA3 Founder

I had the opportunity to interview the CEO, Founder, and designer of TA3 Swim, Leila Shams. I am elated to give you guys the 411 on her brand.  

Further, Leila was a design director for brands such as DKNY, Express, Bebe as well as few others. Which made me wonder, why bathing suits? Some of us ladies may relate to Leila Shams and her reoccurring swimsuit problem. “I have always been self-conscious in a bathing suit, and it ruined so many vacations for me. I really wanted to solve the problem. Normal fashion doesn’t do anything.”

What Is “All Inclusive” Swimwear?


Finally, TA3 Swim must only be for the fuller woman, right? Wrong! Not only- but also, sizes range from XS-3X. Leila explained that the brand is “size, height and age inclusive!” Leila loves each of her customers, “We have the best customers in the world.” In fact, these are more than your average swimsuit. They enhance and sculpt the shape of your body. She even gave hints that some clients have worn the swimsuits as regular bodysuits for everyday outfits.


The swimsuits are offered in 3 styles: Lacey, Plungey, and Hi Cut Plungey. Lacey and Plungey are offered in 6 different colors: black, red, pink, white and blue. Lastly, Hi Cut Plungey is only available in black.


The swimsuits are priced at $178. I’ve watched the swimsuit in action. The results are unbelievable! In my opinion the price is perfect. I’m sure seeing a $200 price tag may scare some away. Needless to say, I wanted to hear what her clients were saying about the cost, after seeing results. This is what Leila had to say, “No one ever complains about the price after they try it. I wear one at least once a week. I’ve had customers say they’ve never even worn it at the pool – they’re just as good as bodysuits.”

Future Expectations

TA3 Swim will be launching dresses and tops in the fall! The brands patent is pending. Equally important, nothing else compares to the brand. Make sure to follow their instagram account to stay stuned.

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