Swiminista’s 2022 Breakout Collection With Christian Lacroix

Swiminista’s 2022 Breakout Collection With Christian Lacroix

From Rock & The Republic to the eco-friendly swimwear line Swimwinista, the California native Andréa Bernholtz isn’t wasting any time building her fashion empire. The fashion powerhouse is making a huge breakout by creating a new language for swimwear that stands out from other swim brands. Amid the brand’s versatility in material, it has been that they have partnered with Christian Lacroix in a collection featuring all-new Swim and Resort Wear. 

Behind The Brand

The chic swimwear line Swiminista is made with luxurious recycled materials to adhere to their motto of being eco-conscious. The brand not only features awareness in material but also diversity in sizes that are available to customers. Sizes can be adjusted from A-DD to encourage women to feel confident in their skin. 

The brand focuses on establishing a sense of style in a manner that’s safe for the planet. Specifically, high-quality fabric and materials such as plastic are used to create an appealing and exciting look that is sustainable. 

Christian Lacroix Partnership

With the brand’s incredible background in adjustable sizing which customers love, without doubt they will have women lined up from all over. There are thirteen pieces in the collection that include vibrant prints and hues that will catch the eye immediately. This may be Swimwinista’s most diverse collection ever before. 

“We took our time perfecting the fit for most body types, giving women more comfort and confidence. I’m extremely proud to expand our continued collaboration with Christian Lacroix and his most iconic prints” explains Bernholtz. 

These new pieces not only embody a clear visual of the vacation feel but send raw, exotic prints to captivate a sexy, comfortable look for women.

In addition, young girls will be able to style and profile as well!

New prints such as Butterfly Parade Oscuro and Jardin Exo’Chic are making a turn for the brand as they branch out into new areas to meet the needs and desires of their customers. “We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with SWIMINISTA and this season [offers] a delight for the senses, evoking the essence of a spring garden alive with butterflies and blooms,” says Christian Lacroix CEO, Nicolas Topio.

What’s Next For Swiminista ?

As International Women’s Day gradually approaches, what better way to bring unity than through fine prints and vibrant colors for the spring and summer. Their pre-sale begins February 22. 

Not only will signature styles be back, but Swimwinista is here to make noise with new personalized fits, colors, and prints. 

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