Yus Gz Releases New Single “Ghost”

Yus Gz Releases New Single “Ghost”

Bronx drill rapper Yus Gz continues his consistency with the release of his new single “Ghost”. The self-proclaimed “face of the Bronx” is making it difficult for listeners to think otherwise.

The drill beat uses a flute melody mixed with a tuneful guitar riff. Behind traditional drill drums, this beat sets Yus Gz up to create a memorable track that he achieves.

On the track, the Bronx rapper talks about killing his enemies in the most tactical way possible. He raps about killing his opponent with one shot and moving in on them in all black. 

Yus Gz is known for his polarizing raspy voice which makes him have one of the most unique voices in New York City. His voice has gotten many critics due to it making some of his words unclear, however, with every song you can hear his constant improvement in his delivery.

The rapper gained notoriety after the release of the song “Dead Loccs”. The song is currently sitting at 1.4 million views and samples Los Del Rio’s “Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)”.

The Bronx drill scene is as popular as it has ever been. Some might say that it has surpassed Brooklyn as the borough with the best drill music. This sadly comes with a lot of animosity between rappers and Yus Gz is at the forefront of this. His beef with fellow drill rappers Kay Flock, B-Lovee, and their affiliates have caused them to constantly throw shots at each other in songs. With rappers T-Dot Woo and C-Hii Wvttz recently victims of gun violence, hopefully the constant tension between New York City rappers does not culminate in any more deaths.

“Ghost” marks Yus Gz’s third single in 2022. His persistence is only getting more eyes on his music and it is only a matter of time before big record labels start ringing his phone.

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