Up and Coming Artist: Boslen Takes Over Music Industry With Own Genre of Music

Up and Coming Artist: Boslen Takes Over Music Industry With Own Genre of Music

     Vancouver is typically known for its aesthetically pleasing combination of both city life complimented by a mountainous coastal backdrop, but it’s quickly becoming known for 23-year-old musically inclined artist, Boslen.
     Much like his hometown’s complex scenery, Boslen has challenged the music industry with a blend of melodic genres that may leave you skeptical at first, but after being immersed into his multiplexed world it will leave you in a state of elation.


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Up and coming artist Boslen began making his way through the industry back in 2018 when he released the Motionless and Motionless 2 mixtapes, but it wasn’t until 2019 when his career truly kicked into high gear after dropping his songs An Eye for An Eye, Hidden Nights and the Black Lotus EP.


The rebellious musician released his latest project Dusk to Dawn in August via Chaos Club Digital/Capital records, pushing creative boundaries very few have done. Boslen’s continuous fascination of experimenting with genres can be depicted all throughout his latest work. From pop, to trap, to classic rock, Boslen will never be a man who can be simplified by the music industry. The 12-track master piece has now reached 16.4 million streams globally.


“I really want people to notice the true feeling that this project cohesively can convey. I’m trying to make generational music that lasts after I’m dead”, says Boslen.

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The Canadian made artist spent the rest of his year focusing on the visual aspect of his album, and on February 8, 2022 his Dusk to Dawn era came to an end with the release of his final music video for Nightfall featuring up and coming artist, Dro Kenji.


The soft grunge lighting followed by a solemn-like red set the tone for the video as Boslen divulges the emotional strain he has faced due to a toxic relationship, and the isolated aftermath. As the intensity of the song builds, the camera flashes from scene to scene at a turbulent speed, almost giving off a feel that Boslen is in the midst of a whirlwind of emotions.


The strategically composed music video has received nothing, but positive feedback. One critic from FADER states that Boslen is, “Redefining what Black music can look, feel, and sound like…”.

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Boslen’s goal is to continue to connect with fans through his art, and is currently putting the finishing touches on his new song Levels. This is only the beginning of his career, as he will proceed to make his mark on the music industry.   


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