“And Just Like That”: Sarah Jessica Parker Launches her SJP x LTD Collection

“And Just Like That”: Sarah Jessica Parker Launches her SJP x LTD Collection

     From relationship guru to fashion guru, Sarah Jessica Parker is taking the streets of New York City by storm once again, but this time with her vibrant shoe collaboration with Lizzie Tisch Discoveries.
     The award-winning actress first launched her footwear brand back in 2014, but it wasn’t until her recent partnership with fashion designer Lizzie Tisch, that Parker decided to incorporate her well-known on-screen character, Carrie Bradshaw, into her line.

     Parker originally never had any intention of merging the two. In a recent interview with Vogue, Sarah states, “There is no SJP collection in Carrie’s world; I don’t exist there because that would be too weird for me”, but while on set of the Sex and the City reboot: And Just Like That…, she realized something was missing.  

     So, in order to fuse the brand into Carrie’s world, while remaining nonexistent, she wore the shoes under the faux label Duchessa Gardini. Parker’s footwear vision was initially brought to life by third and fourth generation Italian shoemakers, so it only seemed fitting to create an Italian inspired label for Bradshaw to strut down 5th Avenue in.

     Parker and her wardrobe team, Molly Rogers and Dannie Santiago go on to discuss the challenges faced while trying to protect the true identity of the Duchessa, being that fashion is such a major aspect of the series. With media and fans documenting every look, then proceeding to go over them with a fine-tooth comb; the team was surprised that the secret remained under wraps till the end of season one. “…It was great to have access to a shoe that had people saying ‘what is that?’”, says Rogers.

     The team’s goal for this Carrie inspired collection was not to create footwear that promotes “out with the old, and in with the new”, but one that believes in meshing generations of fashion to become one. Carrie is all about putting a spin on classic fashion, so it was only right to take a vintage base and compliment it with modernized accents and hues.

     The prismatic collection can be found exclusively at the Lizzie Tisch store located on Madison Avenue. With each pair so intricately detailed and carefully crafted they’ll be sure to make say “hello lover”.


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