Spring 2022 Will Be A Time To Be Alive In Fashion

Spring 2022 Will Be A Time To Be Alive In Fashion

Although winter is still in session with its brutal temperatures, it’s not too early to prepare your closet with some fashionable street styles. Streetwear will always be a category of clothing that lasts forever as a classic so why not start making your fashion statements early.

Based on previous Spring/Summer fashion, one can predict what will be in style for 2022 fashion weeks. Some of these everlasting classics include exotic bright colors, greenish tones, blazers, and oversized pants suits. 

Green Becomes The Favorable Hue In The Industry

From the runway to the streets, green shoes are becoming iconic in Spring/Summer 2022 fashion week. Thanks to Bottega Veneta Green, this is becoming the fashion world’s popular hue. Typically, green is a hard color to wear because of its boldness but Bottega Veneta is making a comeback with its comparison to slime green. 

In addition, green high heels, flats, and tennis shoes are making appearances in the fashion game. Even if the outfit lacks the green hue, the green effect can be matched with anything and kill the game!

Green accessories 

The rare hue also leaves room for green accessories to join the conversation. Accessories such as scarves, handbags, hats, and much more add the final touch to many street wear styles. What better way to stand out and bring in the spring than to rock green. 

Oversized Clothing And Saturated Clothing Is Here To Stay

This upcoming spring, don’t be surprised when you see oversized jackets and highly saturated clothing. Spring is the best season to bring out those bright tones and flowy oversized clothing as we move from winter to warmer temperatures. Oversized clothing has always been top tier and will continue to be. With the right touch of layers under an oversized jacket, the outfit will be complete. 

The Blazer Look Has Become A Casual Artifact

Historically, blazers have served the purpose of traditional professional attire but over the years the garment has become more casual. The oversized blazer look, especially one that pops with vibrant hues creates a refreshing yet raw look. Paired with the right saddlebag purse, denim jeans, and jewelry, the look will come to life. 

Don’t Miss Out On The Oversized Pants Suit Look

As the industry works to become more gender-neutral, oversized pants suits are becoming the trending style. Women are bringing a fierce, elegant aura as they rock trouser pants with an oversized blazer in lighter hues. As we shift from spring to summer, this will become a signature look with the right eye-catching blouse or top to compensate for the street style look.

Saturation Is The Way To Go

Don’t be scared to wear those brighter garments, those are the ones that will allow you to make a statement effortlessly. Oversized shirts, whether graphic or button-ups will push gender-neutral styles in 2022 for both men and women. 

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