Shoe Trends to Expect in the Upcoming Months

Shoe Trends to Expect in the Upcoming Months

Although it’s still early fall and the weather is still pretty warm, and some states haven’t gotten the memo yet, it is hard not to think about the future. I think the country shares a general consensus that 2020 should be over. However, with the passage of time comes a whole new set of styles and looks we can look forward to. As the Summer months cool off and the leaves start falling, we switch out our pretty little sandals for lace-up combat boots, or maybe some of my personal favorite, cowboy boots. The great thing about fashion is trends always come in and out of style, making something your mother may have worn in the early ’90s perfect for this upcoming season. Here are some shoe trends to help welcome in the upcoming months, which may or may not be a trip down memory lane.

The Square Heel

When I saw squared heels making a comeback, I was sure I stepped into a time machine. Aren’t these the shoes my mom still has in boxes from the early 2000s? That is the great thing about fashion; every so often, we see a style trend resurface and hang around for a few years. These square heels provide the elegance and sophistication for meetings but are super fashionable for the (hopeful) nights out. Side note, these shoes are a bit more stable than some other heels and after months inside, we all need a bit of stability when venturing out into the world.

Just because the months are colder doesn’t mean you are limited in color choices. Have fun with these square heels. Maybe go with one that has ties or straps.

Platform Sneakers


Stella McCartney Platforms aren’t just for those who need a little lift. Designers ranging from Stella McCartney, Steve Madden and Miu Miu are jumping into this fall theme. With the changing weather, it is obvious we may all choose comfort over fashion, but we should not have to sacrifice our style because of the colder times. These platform sneakers are perfect for when you are on the go, but they add a little extra to your look.

Thigh-high Boots

In my opinion, these boots never went out of style, but I am glad other people recognize the elegance of them. Some may argue these shoes may make others appear shorter; I think if paired with the right skirt, you will have a classic look.

Combat Boots

Some may argue the combat boot never went out of style, and I would agree. This shoe is perfect for crisp weather and is an incredibly versatile shoe. While one can rock it during the summer, these shoes signify power. You can pair it with an elegant summer dress, making the shoe the staple, or you can pair it with leggings, shorts and a turtleneck for the fall months. In simple terms, these are cool shoes that will help us get through the next few months.

Mary Janes

Remember that thing I said about trends? Yeah, you probably had a pair of these or something like them when you were in grade school. While these shoes may remind you of a 1950’s schoolgirl, or the shoes your American Girl Doll came with, there is no denying Mary Janes somehow appear every year because of their classic look. You don’t need to pair them with white socks to rock them. Instead, have fun and maybe lean into their classic history.

Zip Booties

Would it be a Fall look without a little bootie moment? Like the combat boot, ankle booties are a fall staple, perfect for walking through pumpkin patches or apple orchards. These shoes are versatile; you can pair them with a long flowy skirt or maybe a pair of jeans.

The good thing with fall and the changing shoe trends, it is time to be fun and creative. Let’s face it, after months stuck inside, I’m excited to experiment with some different shoes and looks besides pajamas, fuzzy socks, and slippers

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