The Beauty and Brilliance That Is Indigenous Peoples Day

The Beauty and Brilliance That Is Indigenous Peoples Day

U.S. Based Indigenous Artists To Support and Follow:

(source Instagram/@ubrannativeera)

Written by Celeste Alyssa Gomez

October 13, 2020

Indigenous Peoples Day (IPD) is every day and deserves to be celebrated. It is essential that we celebrate because it is a way to honor and respect the communities that have fought long and hard. Their struggles and sacrifices deserved to be told. In celebration, I found a source from Instagram created by the user @ubrannativeera where it talks about artists and businesses to follow. If you have social media, please give this page a view and follow and check out the post for all artists mentioned. I will be mentioning a few:


Designer: @thundervoicehatco/Instagram

This is a clothing brand that is natively made. The line focuses on hats and other apparel. The hats are vibrant, colorful, and full of life. Please give them some love and support.


Visual Art: @greggdeal/Instagram

Gregg Deal is a visual artist that focuses on activism through mural art. Based in Colorado Springs, his artwork, specifically, his murals tell stories of generations. His goal is to change the way society perceives Indigenous Art.


Make-Up: @tifffay/Instagram

Tiffany Black is an Indigenous Beauty Influencer and Content Creator. Her makeup looks are eccentric and revolve around a blue and violet palette. Check her Instagram out! She is giving us all the looks. A true beauty queen!


Photography: @leahrosephoto/Instagram

Leah Rose is a visionary artist and storyteller. Through her photography, she prints a story to the public about the community. Her vision is powerful and speaks volumes. The social narratives from her photography are beautiful and show the brilliance of the community. The heart of the struggle is absolutely emotional.

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