Salehe Bembury x Clogs Team Up For the Pollex Clog Collection

Salehe Bembury x Clogs Team Up For the Pollex Clog Collection

Photo By Salehe Bembury and Crocs

Salehe Bembury is an American footwear designer, known for his luxurious streetwear style. He has designed with Versace, Yeezy Gap and many more other brands. Bembury’s newest collaboration has been with crocs. Crocs and Bembury have teamed up to make the Pollex Clog Collection. 

About the Collection

The Crocs come in two colors, Menemsha and Cucumber. For this collection Bembury decided on a unique design. The Crocs Pollex is composed of 3 of Bembury’s fingerprints merged. Along with that you will see intense ridges. In a post by Crocs, text on the advertisement for this collection said, “the crocs pollex clog by Salehe Bembury: a utilitarian exploration of form and function.” As it continues it also says, “crocs poll multi-directional traction capabilities: crocs pollex water siphoning system: crocs pollex breathability.” 

When and Where to Find Them

The collection dropped on December 14th. Soon after the release of this collection both the Menemsha and Cumber sold out. When back in stock, you can go to the Crocs website to enter a draw. After entering a draw, if chosen you will be charged for the Crocs, and they will be shipped to you. A pair of the Pollex Clogs is currently $84.99 on the Crocs website, without tax. Although they have sold out there, you can still purchase a pair on Stockx or GOAT. Prices may vary between the two websites and based on the size you are looking for. This release comes just in time for the holiday season!

Next Up For the Collection

So far, Cucumber and Menemsha are for sale. but more colors are on the way. In an Instagram post, Bembury released, he teased two more colors, Stratus and Urchin. Stratus is a lighter color and Urchin gives off a light blue look. Click Below to check out what Bembury has next for the Pollex Clog Collection.

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