The Selects Showroom Designers and Spring Summer 2022 Collections

The Selects Showroom Designers and Spring Summer 2022 Collections

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The Selects are an online showroom that showcases the best of new and young Korean designers each year. These brands help to give insight into Korea and what they have to offer in the fashion world. This year 9 designers and brands are being showcased for the 2022 collection. All 9 of these brands help to represent Korea’s vibrant creativity.


The first brand in the Selects showcase, C-ZANN E is a creative design house that believes fashion comes from those who wear it. The designs are based on sophisticated but simple lines that transform with the movements of the wearer. With C-ZANN E, it is the individual that helps bring meaning to the outfit. The final element of their design is always the person wearing it. The spring summer 2022 collection is named “Into the Light.” This collection includes bright prism colors. C-ZANN E uses traditional materials and fabrics as well as eco-friendly materials. Along with that C-ZANN E also uses a traditional sewing technique.

The Creative Designer and CEO of this brand is Seo Jung Lee. Seo Jung Lee combines her traditional Korean heritage with western culture. She got her degree at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. C ZANN E is a private designer label women’s wear brand based in New York and Seoul, Korea. There are two separate lines C-ZANN E, the collection line and CIE- ZE, the casual line. 


Next, the EENK spring summer 2022 collection EENK imagines a world beyond reality, putting the U in UTOPIA. This is a collection of “poetic dreams.” The collection consists of pastel colors and vanguard craftsmanship. Throughout this collection you will get the feeling of nostalgia and experience the beautiful world of imagination. The lead designer for EENK is Lee Hyemee. Hyemee has worked with women’s and men’s wear, along with children’s wear and accessories. Her passion and curiosity led to her creating EENK, a project that is inspired by images and messages brought to life for the letters of the alphabet.

EENK has launches “The Letter Project,” a project representing unique design items with keywords for each letter of the alphabet. So far there has been: B for Beanie, C for Clutch, D for Dal-ring, E for Earring, F for Fedora, G for Gold, H for Handbag, I for Iphone(case) as well as I for Indigo, J for jean, K for Knit collection, L for Letter, M for Marine, N for Novelist, P for Performance, Q for Quintessence, and S for Somewhere collection. The Letter Project will continue until hitting Z and will then circle back to end with A for All, A for Archive.


The third brand for the Selects showcase, EYEYE, named their Spring Summer 2022 collection “City Racer.” The name comes from the ones who race in their own tracks of careers, to live rich and full lives. This collection includes many mixed styles of athleisure items with a more feminine look. Items such as casual jumpsuits. Chiffon dresses, ball caps, tailored jackets, sweatshirts, and others are included. The colors you will find throughout this collection are neutral ones and toned-down pastels. Colors such as ivory, beige, light purple, mint, and various tones of sky blue are included.

Kathleen Kye is the lead designer for this brand. Kye got her BA and MA in fashion at London’s Central Saint Matins under the late professor Louise Wilson OBE in 2011. Having a strong statement of unisex and high-end fashion streetwear helped Kye to get her name out in the world. Launched in 2016 EYEYE targets a more youthful crowd. There are unique and colorful details throughout the line with marvelous styling.


In the spring summer 2022 season for HANKIM you will find the “JUMP” collection. JUMP is a collection for human movement, allowing the female body to show a new shape through light movements or other types of activities. This collection contains visuals for the curves of the body as well as new visual changes. HANKIM’s lead designer is Kim Han. Han made his debut at the Spring Summer 20 Paris Fashion Week in 2019. He graduated from Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art. Han’s work was selected as the best graduation show by VOGUE and CNN. HANKIM is a brand that reinterprets the beauty of modern women and helps to develop them in their own way. 


Cho Sung Jun and Hwang Ji Hyun are the head Designers for NEUL. They are most known for their unique style and use of colors. NEUL’s  spring summer 2022 collection revolves around the concept of a “Lazy Sunday Morning.” This collection tells the story of happiness and of women who can express themselves and their individuality. Modern colors are used such as, natural beige, white, navy, and black for a comfortable mood. Along with those, vivid colors such as, tomato red, grape purple, citrus lemon, and ocean blue add vitality. To draw attention to the brand they use T Shirts with graphics. There are pajamas using fabrics such as, high-quality cotton, linen blends, and summer fresh wool. This collection uses sustainable fabric from Italy. Everyone loves a lazy Sunday morning so It is no surprise they are apart of the Selects


For THE STUDIO K’s spring summer 2022 collection they have gone with the name “F.A.N.T.A.S.Y.” The name stands for “Fashion Amusement Nature Technology And See Yourself.” This collection has a lot to do with the new era we have been living in because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is about the way we have adjusted our lives within and outside of work, and how you maintain relaxation during it all. The colors in this collection represent strength and nature and focuses on creating a mood that combines both nature and surreal feelings. The backdrops will make an appealing look during the Selects showcase.

Hong Hye Jin is the Creative Director and head Designer for THE STUDIO K. Jin went to Seoul National University College of Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, and Seoul National University College of Human Ecology. THE STDUIO K targets mostly females in the early 20s-mid 30s. The brand offers affordable luxury with modern sensibility. 


VERSO stands for “reverse” in French. VERSO’s spring summer 22 collection is named “Harmony.” The theme was set in hopes that VERSO could live harmoniously when meeting the true side of oneself. The colors in this collection are a combination of warm and cold, along with light and heavy textures. There are many contrasting materials such as, seasonal lightweight wool, organic cotton, linen, and leather. With VERSO’s unique natural garment washing technique you will witness the scope of the harmony as a visual texture. Soon Jin Kwon is the head Designer for VERSO. Her brands signature is to express something familiar in a new way. Kwon says that her inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. 


Launched in 2010, the WNDERKAMMER brand highlighted individuals passionate and encouraging momentsi. “Soft Charisma” is the theme of their spring summer 2022 collection. Shin Hye-Young, head Designer of the brand said, “Ever since the beginning, I have made clothes that are not too fancy, but still have charisma in their minimalism.” The WNDERKAMMER brand focuses on what women want to wear in their daily lives. Inspired by an American painter, Milton Avery, this collections inspiration comes from colors he used. WNDERKAMMER focus on the age groups of mid 20s to mid 30s, expressing theIR individualities as the main target. 


Launched in 2011 YOUSER is a high-end contemporary brand.. Inspiration for YOUSER comes from subculture and art based on deconstructionism. YOUSER has both men’s and women’s wear. Lee Moo-Yeol is the head Designer for YOUSER. The name for the spring summer 2022 collection is “8. Melange Club.” Inspired by 8 behaviors of future people visiting nightclubs, we get “8. Melange Club.” The collection also shows the concept of a different structure that is a mixture of colors, textures, and forms felt from the future and a mix of fashion, night, and day. Because of the pandemic we have forgotten what its like to be in a club and be on a dance floor. Through the “8. Melange Club” collection we will be able to reconnect with the feeling of dressing up, mixed alcohol, torn clothes and drunken guests. 

The Selects is a one-stop immersion into multifaceted and vibrant Korean creative scene.

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