Luxury Brands Drop Multiple Collections In Celebration Of The Year Of The Tiger

Image showing models of the Gucci Tiger collection

Luxury Brands Drop Multiple Collections In Celebration Of The Year Of The Tiger

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, China has dealt with negative associations, poor businesses, low tourism, impacting their economy. This new year brings second chances for China in the fashion world.

Chinese New Year for luxury brands mean new collections inspired by the Year of the Tiger. These brands bring more visibility and diversity to the holiday season.

Luxury Brands Celebrate Culture

Gucci, Balenciaga, and Prada incorporated their holiday inspirations into their new collections with symbolic colors, patterns, and the tiger..


Gucci has chosen to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a new ready-to-wear and accessories collection. The collection encompasses a child-like inspiration from the tiger with the intricate detail from Chinese design and luxury fashion. Within the campaign for the collection, the models wearing the new items are accompanied by a real tiger in the frame, bringing focus to the celebration of the animal and the Gucci Tiger, the collection name.

Gucci Tiger Collection. Sourced: Gucci

The tiger isn’t necessarily a new motif for their designs. The reimagined design of the animal in softer floral settings bring forth a luxurious and playful collection. These pay perfect homage to the Year of the Tiger in the form of handbags, stand-out outerwear, dresses, and shirts.


Balenciaga dropped a Year of the Tiger collection incorporating stand-out patterns and colors with the classic design of the brand. They paid homage to the Lunar New Year and Chinese Zodiac in previous collections.

To celebrate, there is inspiration from tiger-print for button-down shirts, socks, and a dress. More classic designs were incorporated into the collection that pay subtle homage through color choice.

Year of the Tiger Shirt. Sourced: Balenciaga
Year of the Tiger T-Shirt. Sourced: Balenciaga


Prada has taken a more active approach to their celebration and collection. Homage is payed to the tiger and traditions, but also combined their campaign with a project that is dedicated to the safety of the animal. Their collection has their iconic logo and brand name on the pieces serving as a power play for the brand, reflecting on the Chinese interpretation of the tiger as a symbol for a person. The brand incorporated a power play through the designs of purses, hats, outerwear, and more. Prada also made a donation to the “Walking with Tiger and Leopard” Programme which helps endangered Amur tigers.

Action in the Year of the Tiger campaign. Sourced: Prada

The celebration of the Lunar New Year is always an culturally fascinating time to see designers new ideas, but it is especially refreshing to see in 2022 for China after the past few years and the rise in the importance of diversity and inclusion for brands.

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