Rip it, stitch it, put it back together — Frayed Needle’s philosophy. The Boston-based fashion brand led by innovative engineer turned fashion designer Brian Antonevich is funking up your style with edgy, unique pieces all hand-made and one-of-a-kind.

Hand stitching today is not a common technique, with large machinery and heavy stacked manufacturing lines, this method seems almost ancient. Frayed Needle’s approach to design is somewhat revitalizing and refreshing. This engineer turned designer knows exactly how to bring unique and intricate stitching to each piece. The beauty about this edgy choice, it results in never seen before products and will never be replicated again.

Unlike today’s fast fashion which can be wasteful, Frayed Needle upcycles beloved brands such as Levis, Versace, True Religion, Wrangler, Armani, Calvin Klein and gives them a new story. Under Frayed Needle’s steady hand, the products become alive —they will evolve, fade, soften, tear, they may even rip. One thing is for sure — they will FRAY.

With his influences by his side, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, Neil Young, Chris Cornell, and Rob Zombie you can see they are the common thread in every stitch and gateway to where music and fashion live.

“Frayed Needle came about after my favorite jeans ripped and I made the repair with a hand sewn patch. I was always into rebooting my clothes growing up. I wanted a different look, not intentionally it’s just how I was. I didn’t care what others thought, I just did what I wanted to my clothing as it came natural. Over time, I kept doing this and got really good at it, to the point where people would start saying “Where did you buy those jeans from” or “How do I get a jacket like yours”. Growing up my Grandmother taught me my stitching technique that I still use today. This led me to sew, fix my clothes, and make the adjustments I wanted – ripping and sewing up fashion.”

Rip yourself out of the mundane stitches of society and join the retrofitted movement with a company who splashes rock tones into every piece. Frayed Needle provides a fresh perspective on modern fashion as they take over the industry one steady seam at a time.


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