Dior Releases Haute Couture At Paris Fashion Week

Dior Releases Haute Couture At Paris Fashion Week


After a year long hiatus of in person fashion shows, the highly anticipated event: Paris Fashion Week – made its ultimate comeback. With the help of the fashion brand, Dior, they wowed the audience with their newest collection live on stage. Dior showcased their Fall/Winter 2021-2022 haute couture collection with a whole variety of eye catching designs.

This entire collection was designed by the designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri. She had a certain vision when it came to creating the entire Dior collection. Chiuri explained in an interview with Reuters that she “wanted fabrics to be front and centre, an audience in the room could appreciate the detail and the tactile nature of the fabric in a way that does not come across online or in video footage.”


Zoom view - Image 1 (Looks)

Dior’s Fall/Winter 2021 – 2022 Haute Couture: Look 1 (Courtesy of Dior)

The model shown above is seen walking down the catwalk. She was the kickoff look of the entire collection showcase. This first look of the night is a long mixed colored jacket. The jacket’s collar is hiding the model’s neck but creates an elegant high dimension to the look. All of the accessories included, such as the boots and hat, the colors perfectly match the color scheme of the jacket. The color scheme shown is a mix of beige, gray, black and other dark / light colors.


Dior’s Fall/Winter 2021 – 2022 Haute Couture: Look 2 (Courtesy of Dior)


Here for look two, the model’s outfit color scheme is rather similar to the first look. However, there is now a high rise skirt. For the top, the model is seen with a fishnet like style long sleeved shirt. Underneath, it is topped with a black bra. The same accessories were added to the look such as the boots and tight fitted hat.


Zoom view - Image 6 (Looks)

Dior’s Fall/Winter 2021 – 2022 Haute Couture: Look 6 (Courtesy of Dior)


Fast forward to look six, a new style is introduced in this collection. However, it still goes along with Chiuri’s vision of haute couture. This look is very detailed with its floral, nature like styled elements. The top and bottoms are go hand in hand with each other. One can also easily catch all of those small details of a flower (stem, leaves, color, etc.) The colors are in a neutral tone, they aren’t quite bright, but can still grab your eye.


Zoom view - Image 54 (Looks)

Dior’s Fall/Winter 2021 – 2022 Haute Couture: Look 54 (Courtesy of Dior)


Looking at look 54, there is a play of neutral tones. The model is seen with a long, flowy oversized light brown jacket. The fishnet styled top is added with a nude color bra underneath. The model’s skirt is also long and falls way past the knees. The skirt is also transparent along the legs which enhances and creates a nice look for the outfit.


Zoom view - Image 75 (Looks)

Dior’s Fall/Winter 2021 – 2022 Haute Couture: Look 75 (Courtesy of Dior)


This look ended Dior’s night at Paris Fashion Week. The model is wearing an evening style gown. It is an ombre green colored gown. A light green color is found at the top of the model’s veil. Down below, the gown gathers into a way more dark green color in comparison to the veil’s color. The gown is made up of stem like feature which wraps along the model’s body. The designer also placed leaves along the stems. There is also a group of feathers placed along the gown.

With knowledge of an in person fashion show happening, Chiuri went to work quickly. Throughout the collection, there is a lot of attention to detail. The stitching of fabrics and alignment was key. Especially for the live speculators, they really got to see the quality of Dior’s pieces. The showcase made its live debut in Paris and also live streamed this past Monday. The models got to walk along the catwalk with a backdrop designed by artist Eva Jospin. According to Dior’s official website, the backdrop was a “monumental installation celebrating the savoir-faire and cultures of the world, at the intersection of art and haute couture.”

The entire collection can be viewed on Dior’s website through a series of pictures. Also, a live stream of the showcase can be viewed via Dior’s official YouTube channel


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