Puffer Jackets Are Here to Stay

Puffer Jackets Are Here to Stay

It’s almost winter! Bring out the turtlenecks, thermal tights, and warm boots—snow season is upon us. Whether you’re looking for layers upon layers to brave the snow storms we have yet to face or just a simple coat to make the wind slightly more bearable, winter 2023 fashion trends have got something for everyone. I’m obsessed with winter—the cozy clothes, scarves, and Christmas spirit always have me ready for the holiday season. If you’re looking to hit the slopes, here are a few trendy puffer jackets that will make you stand out as you ski down the mountain!

Army Green? Yes Please!

Kiran Clack is rocking an extremely oversized puffer coat across the pond in the United Kingdom. Winter 2023 fashion is all about taking risks and detouring from what’s typical or expected. Her coat, from Glamify Fashion, is army green in color and paired with a monochromatic black workout set. This casual look exudes effortlessness—you can wear it to run errands after your 9:00 am pilates class or to pick up your kids from school.

Quiet Luxury


For a lightweight puffer jacket, consider the COS Quilted Bomber Jacket. Reminiscent of the classic Chanel harlequin pattern, this coat gives quiet luxury. Easy to pair with any outfit, the lack of hood allows for a breezy vibe. Make sure to snag this while you can at COS.com, it’s only $250? Oh, and did I mention that it’s made out of 100% recycled fabric?

Belted Coats are Back

Once again, Kiran Clack is killing the puffer jacket game. A slightly baggy black version of her first look, she differentiates the two by a belt. Coming back in style for oversized dresses, Clack presents her own unique take on this trend. Styled with a beige beanie, shiny black leggings, and off-white moccasins, Clack knows how to create the perfect transitional outfit. 

Featured Image: @kiran_clack

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