The Pearl Source Proves that Classy Never Goes Out of Style

The Pearl Source Proves that Classy Never Goes Out of Style

Pearls have been considered timeless objects of beauty for decades, and can add a touch of grace and poise to the ensemble of any individual that adorns them. The Pearl Source proves that these iridescent gems never go out of style with an elegant collection of pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings that can be further customized to match any theme or personality.


The Pearl Source is a jewelry company that has mastered its craft in creating and distributing high quality pearl accessories. The business is family owned and based in Los Angeles, CA where it has been in business for over 20 years. It has evolved to become one of the worlds largest importers of four different types of pearls:

Freshwater Baroque Pearl Sharon Earrings (Photo:

1.) Freshwater – Originates from oysters that mature in lakes, rivers and ponds. They are highly favored for their broad range of soft pastel colors and oval/baroque shapes. These pearls are often recognized as “fashion forward” as they are often used in modern accessories.

8-10mm Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace (Photo:

2.) South Sea – One of the most elite of the pearl variety that are classified as some of the largest and rarest of them all. They are produced by the white lipped and gold lipped oysters with the names that signify the color of the pearl. The colors are very striking when it meets the eye, and appears in a perfectly round sphere shape which adds to its high value and rarity.

5.5-6.0mm Akoya White Pearl Bracelet (Photo:

3.) Akoya – A more traditional kind of pearl that is famous for its quintessential bright colors such as white, cream, and grey and rose overtones. It is well known for its delicate and ladylike appearance with near round shapes and durable structure.

Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Nora Ring (Photo:

4.) Tahitian – These rare and unique pearls are birthed from black lipped oysters which are famous for producing these gems in a rainbow of distinctive dark colors that are naturally hinted with green, blue, and purple overtones that glisten under light. These pearls are rare and very large in size which also adds to its high-end value.

The Pearl Source is not only known for its unique collection of pearl jewelry, but also its admirable customer service. They handpick each pearl to carefully craft and customize each piece of jewelry to the customer’s satisfaction with competitive low prices.

Check out The Pearl Source’s impressive collection of pearl jewelry here.

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