OMAJU Premium Facemasks

OMAJU Premium Facemasks


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Models: Instagram/@cosmictomical and @jossonic_o.0

Written by Celeste Alyssa Gomez

December 05, 2020

I have stumbled upon this company because one of my great friends is an ambassador for the brand known as OMAJU, it is a premium facemask company. Their vibes are anime and nerdy. With original designs and fan art, this company has grown so much. They have appeared in various anime conventions, big ones such as Anime Expo. The face of the mask collection is a promoter and ambassador Miku Marimon. Before the pandemic, Miku would dance with the mask to promote the brand. This gave the brand the attention it deserves. 

Source: Instagram/

Model: Miku Marimon

One of my favorite things about this brand is how authentic they are. The materials are colorful and vibrant. Following the anime trend, the anime market and fashion clash together and are increasing in numbers. Many people enjoy anime. Within the anime community, people were attending more cons and cosplaying. This brand heightens cosplay culture. Another thing I appreciate from this brand is how they take us through the journey of how they create their masks and the process. You are able to see all their wonderful creations and videos on Instagram/ 

Source: Instagram/

Please stay safe during these times. If you are looking for new masks this is the place. This style compliments streetwear and really gives you that sparkle whenever you wear them.

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