Olivia Anthony Rebirths The Early 2000s With LIVSTREETWEAR

Olivia Anthony Rebirths The Early 2000s With LIVSTREETWEAR

Olivia Anthony is making it her mission to do it for the culture as she brings back 90s and early 2000s looks with her brand LIVSTREETWEAR. Her line is a recollection of the time in which she pays homage to iconic movies, movies, and eccentric, postmodern hairstyles. If it’s vintage, Olivia will be the first to deliver! She is the queen of recreating nostalgic periods of what our culture today lives for in style again. 

Who Is Olivia Anthony?

From Birmingham, Alabama to NYC the designer launched the line back in 2012 from her vintage Benz while in college. Currently, she is based in NYC and carries the intention of crafting art within her work to empower not only women but dreamers as well. 

Her signature on all of her work within her collections typically is composed of saturated hues, exotic textures, and iconic silhouettes. The designer always tries to create a new language of keeping the past alive with some modern touches to connect with her audience. 

Olivia hopes to always create freedom of expression within her work as a way to unite our culture for the better. From vintage overall jumpers to crewnecks and the trending accessory of the trucker hat, the designer is making a name for herself in the industry and amongst fashion lovers globally. 

The founder and creative director are young, raw, and ready to create a new wave of what it means to be vintage! She is surpassing society’s quota as she works to close the gap and set the tone for other female designers approaching the industry. 

Olivia Anthony is getting around as she makes her way through Foot Locker, Bustle, Afro Tech, Nylon, Kulture Hub, Refinery 29, Fizzy Mag, Fleurx, Milk, Young Jefe, ABC Alabama, Lady Gunn, and much more. 

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