New In Kidcore: The Montoguo FW21 Collection

New In Kidcore: The Montoguo FW21 Collection

The Motoguo FW21 collection is for lovers of the kidcore aesthetic. It’s vibrant, It’s playful. It’s nostalgic. Malaysian designers, Moto Go and Kinder Eng founded Motoguo 5 years ago. The brand puts forward its vision of fashion, a bright and quirky aesthetic in harmony with an eco-responsible ethic. Motoguo released a kidcore collection influenced by 80s and 90s kid themes through primary colors, kid-like graphics, and more in its quirky aesthetic. The FW21 collection is featured on the February cover of the Men’s Uno China Magazine worn by Chinese actors Zang Chi and Jiang Long.

The design concept for many of the garments was a fun gender-fluid expression of a parent-child relationship. Both men and women model the same designs. Throughout the line, the many patterns used, such as marble, checkered, plaid, patchwork, etc, reflect the ideas of the designers. 

One of the assorted kidcore pieces is a crew neck with an attached bib. The shirt, “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”, plays on childhood nostalgia with a child-sized bib replica of the “normal” sized shirt and nostalgic movie reference. Others included crotched bonnets, satin bows, and other child-like design elements.

The collection highlighted all clothing from undergarments to outerwear—all with unique and bold colors and patterns. Oversized t-shirts, button-ups, sweaters, skirts, and bottoms are playful and engulfed in patterns. At Milan Fashion Week, we discovered that a popular fall trend was knitwear. Surprisingly, the designs incorporate more sophisticated fabric, like Aran knitwear; however, graphics of teeth, eyeballs, ghosts, and ribbed holes help to accentuate the adolescent aesthetic.

Essentially, the Motoguo FW21 collection is an assortment of garments fusion of childhood and adulthood. This line is spunky, cool, and dedicated to those obsessed with the 80s and 90s pop culture and fashion.

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