Gender Fluidity Meets The Runway At MFW

Gender Fluidity Meets The Runway At MFW

Gender fluidity in the fashion industry has become essential to the progressive fight for comprehensiveness in the fashion world. As society begins to accept and respect that many feel gender is non-binary, it is no surprise that shows during Milan Fashion Week reflected the times with gender-fluid collections.

The world-renowned fashion house, Fendi, is one of the few designer brands to host a live show amidst the surge of the COVID-19 Omicron variant. Earlier this month, we reported other design houses like Giorgio Armani would sit out this showcase to take safety precautions.

The Gender Fluid Designs

The Fendi fall menswear collection is the 1920s inspired and features a conservative color palette of black, ivory, grey, and subtle pops of color. However, the collection was emboldened by its gender-fluid silhouettes. 

A yearn for post-pandemic life is evident with partying and upscale events designs. The Fendi collection spotlights tailored looks with hints of feminine flare. It includes half skirts, mini-dresses, wide-leg pants, cape coats, slotted sleeves, and knitwear with chest cutouts. 

Photo Credit: Fendi

“We women wear men’s jackets, I do not see why they could not take inspiration from our wardrobe,” said the designer Silvia Venturini Fendi. 

Nonetheless, Fendi was not the only brand to introduce non-binary collections to their shows. Other brands with gender-fluid assemblage included Dolce & Gabbana and JordanLuca.

The Dolce & Gabbana wardrobe also featured skirts, mini dresses, exuberant prints, pearls, form-fitting pants, leggings, and cinched waists.


The London-based brand, Jordan-Luca, may be new, but these designers are a part of an influential age in fashion history. Designers Jordan Brown and Luca Marchetto made their Milan Fashion Week debut with a gender-fluid showcase. The designers have included feminine accents such as tulle and kilts. 

Photo Credit: Fendi

“I think the spectrum of menswear is so broad now,” said Jordan Brown. “We are so post, post, post, what is menswear and womenswear.”

As the industry reinvents what it means to be fashion-forward, gender will no longer determine what to buy, sell, or wear.

Photo Credit: Fendi

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