Where Fashion Meets Art: The Life of Monee Chante

Where Fashion Meets Art: The Life of Monee Chante

The artist and designer Monee Chante has always had a hustler mentality and aspires to create her unique language in the industry through versatile fabrics and paint to restore originality in her work.

Behind The Brand

The upcoming creative is a native to Jersey City, New Jersey. At a young age, Monee was determined to fulfill her creative destiny in the world of design. She would always draw her clothing designs and then hang them on the wall with hopes to produce them herself one day. 

It wasn’t until the end of high school, that she began to take her dreams more seriously when she had the opportunity to attend The Delaware College of Art & Design. While here she received an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design. At the time fashion wasn’t her top priority but after college, it grew on her, even more, when she realized she needed a way to support herself financially. 

With this in mind, she began to strategically paint on her clothes and sneakers. The more she began to create, the larger her clientele expanded. Before she knew it she was designing for half of her city. The help of social media played a huge role in getting her work out there.

The Process

Typically when Monee is in the process of drafting ideas, she always starts with a physical sketch of what she would wear for an occasion. “Fashion is simply art to me. It’s just another way of expressing yourself as a painter with a canvas.” Monee said. 

Although Monee devotes the final product of her work, the process behind it all is what she cherishes the most. As fashion is growing expeditiously, the process of mood boards, sketches, and looking towards peers for inspiration must be still embraced. 

“ I think the fashion industry can Improve by letting real artists and designers come in to do the work. People who are passionate about their craft. This new era of “ fast fashion “ has killed a lot of originality.” Monee said.

Her Purpose

Monee Chante is on the rise to greatness with her consistent dedication and open-mindedness. As she looks to influential creatives such as Kimora Lee Simmons, Areasha Willis, Iris Bronner, Kanye West, and Aaliyah, she believes there is still hope to bring back authentic style. 

“Without passion, it’s no purpose to dive into an “always evolving movement.” You have to be able to be okay with people not always liking your ideas but remember it’s an audience for everyone. You have to find yours,” she said. 

Monee makes it clear that being a risk-taker and having faith is what will measure true success. With this continued attitude, there is nothing that can stand in her way! 

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