Mini Bags Are Here To Stay

Mini Bags Are Here To Stay

How Did These Bags Become So Popular?!

Did you know mini handbags have been around since the 1900’s. Around that time, only wealthier women were wearing them. For some reason then and clearly now, the ability to hold very little is easy on the eye. This was because of how small and elegant they are. It’s as if fashion had been making its own statement: The less you carry the better you look?

Needless to say, the obession for mini handbags will never go away. Even though they literally do not fit everything a women needs. Best case scenario, you just wear more than one. Believe it or not, you won’t look ridiculous. In fact, you’d offically be considered, stylish.  

At First, I Wasn’t A Fan. Now, I Want Them All!

At first, I found these little, tiny, and mini bags pointless. Considering these bags cannot fit it all: your phone, wallet, or lip gloss. The issue only increases the smaller the bag gets. Until more recently that is. I purchased a red mini purse from Zara. The reason I considering buying something I was opposed to was because it was on sale for $16. Was safe to assume, worst case scenario, it will be a cheap mistake. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Considering these bags can’t fit: your phone, wallet, or lip gloss. Of course, the issue will only increase if you’re considering a smaller mini bag. 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was all wrong. Once I started working in luxury retail, I ended up selling a couple. Which only allowed me to gain more knowledge about them. They’re a lot more useful than I assumed. 

Isn’t it frustrating when you’ve been shopping, and you’re just about finished? But you’re struggling to leave your final store because you must dig through your bag to find your cash, cards, or wallet. These solve that issue. You can still wear your handbag as you please. You can put all your important tiny necessities in one area. This way all your important goodies are accessible. These are a great accessory that saves time!

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