By Megan Crosby is a sustainable fashion brand for those who want to stand out

By Megan Crosby is a sustainable fashion brand for those who want to stand out

By Megan Crosby is a fashion brand for those who want to be noticed. It is a sustainable and ethical up-and-coming fashion brand created in 2019. Each item is colorful, patterned and designed by the brand’s creator Megan Crosby. From cloud patterned pants to rainbow puff-sleeved dresses, By Megan Crosby stands out.


The Cotton Strawberry Print Midi Dress. Source: By Megan Crosby’s Website


Started as a one woman operation in Portsmouth, it has developed to a small team of seamstresses who create the pieces made to order. The clothes are made in The United Kingdom but can be shipped to The U.S. The items are made to order so as to not waste fabric or create items that are not needed. 


About The Designer

Crosby says she was horrified to find out about the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry. This resulted in her deciding to start her own brand.

“I started looking for sustainable brands to shop from. What I found was pretty boring, with most brands focusing on basic pieces in neutral tones,” said Crosby on her website.

By Megan Crosby provides fashion fanatics with colorful and unique items that won’t damage the environment like fast fashion brands. Crosby uses fabrics that are sustainable or deadstock.

Alongside being environmentally conscious, the brand is also ethically made with a small team of workers here in the U.S. This is a stark difference to fast fashion brands that exploit and underpay their workers, like Fashion Nova.

Crosby also has a blog where she discusses sustainable fashion, how to style clothes, and pieces she has created for her brand. She is very active on Instagram, which helped her get more consumers.

Consumers can shop different collections on the website, like the most recent one Midnight Magic, the Pajamas collection, and others. Some items that stand out are this strawberry blouse, these colorful face masks, and these gingham trousers.


These loud and lively pieces make By Megan Crosby stand out among other sustainable clothing brands. With this brand only in its third year, By Megan Crosby is a brand to watch.

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