UNIQLO Winter Essentials Collection: HEATTECH, Fleece and More

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UNIQLO Winter Essentials Collection: HEATTECH, Fleece and More

By: Caitlyn Garrity / Jan. 24, 2021

Just because spring is right around the corner, it does not mean that the weather will automatically get warmer. After all, it is always a good idea to look for staples and high-quality pieces that will keep you stylish yet warm during the wintertime. UNIQLO sells staple pieces that are both fashion-forward and well-made. With their winter essentials and unique technology like HEATTECH, you can find the right pieces to keep you warm in chilly months.

Cozy Base Layers: HEATTECH

A good coat can only take you so far in terms of warmth. Having a good base layer is great for keeping warm beyond outerwear. The material is lightweight, absorbent and comfortable, made from bio-warming material. Bio-warming uses your body moisture and turns it into heat, keeping you toasty from the inside. The HEATTECH pieces are available in three different levels: HEATTECH, HEATTECH Extra Warm and HEATTECH Ultra Warm. Each level caters to different climates and depending on where you live or where you are going, you can find the right level to keep you warm when outside.

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The HEATTECH technology is available in t-shirts, long sleeves, turtlenecks, sweaters, long johns, pants and accessories, making every aspect of your outfit cozy.

Throw Over a Fleece Piece

After you got your under layers that are snug to your skin, you might just need a fleece jacket to complete your winter look. In places that do not have arctic-level winters, throwing a fleece jacket or pullover is perfect for keeping you warm. UNIQLO offers fleece-lined jackets, fully fleece jackets and pullovers and even soft fleece slippers to keep your feet cozy. Fleece is both soft and insulating, making it the perfect material for combating the cold of the winter. Whether you live in California or Minnesota, you can use a fleece jacket on its own or pair it with a heavy coat.

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Ultra-Light Down: Warmth Without the Bulk

Available in parkas, jackets and vests, UNIQLO’s Ultra-Light Down technology allows you to keep warm outside minus the bulk of a traditional heavy coat. The Ultra-Light Down pieces use packs of feathers for extra layers. It also has a nylon shell, making all the Ultra-Light Down clothes water-resistant and high-quality. Not only are these jackets and vests great for a lightweight and sleek look, but they are packable into a carrying pouch that each piece comes with. Whether you are working out or working, these durable yet sleek outdoor wear will keep you warm and stylish.

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UNIQLO: Sustainability at a Good Price

You can find all UNIQLO’s winter essentials on their website. Not only are these pieces well made with unique technology, but they are sustainable without breaking the bank. They use natural resources and responsible development of human potential. With their slogan, “Unlocking the Power of Clothing,” UNIQLO focuses on protecting the environment while producing quality clothes at a reasonable price.

Their winter essentials, ranging from $9.90 to $99.99, are affordable and great for having sustainably warm clothes that do not drain your wallet. Their winter collection pieces come in sizes from children to adults, so you can find pieces that fit your size and budget.


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