Madewell and ThredUp Launch Secondhand Denim Program

Madewell and ThredUp Launch Secondhand Denim Program

Courtesy of Madewell

By: Bertha Solis

Don’t throw out that pair of old jeans in your closet – just yet. The fashion company, Madewell launched their newest “Madewell Forever” program this past Tuesday. This program is to help recycle previously worn jeans to then sell them for a second chance at “life.” With this program, the idea of shopping for jeans will become more sustainable.

The concept of emphasizing secondhand clothing has been trending a lot lately in the fashion world. Madewell partnered up with the online secondhand clothing store, ThredUp, to help launch this program. If you are a current Madewell shopper, you even have the chance to earn Madewell store credit. All you have to do is send in your secondhand denim jeans from the Madewell brand or you can send in any brand you own.

On their official Instagram, Madewell shared this message with their followers. “Introducing Madewell Forever / our latest plan to extend the life of your denim. Now you can shop pre-loved pairs to give them a new life, plus resell or recycle your own jeans. Tap the link in the bio for more details. #longlivethejean.”

Madewell’s partner, ThredUp is a highly praised company; for its shopping platform of secondhand clothing. To get started, customers can drop off their used jeans at their local Madewell. Then, customers are able to get $20 off a new pair of jeans they may purchase. ThredUp then carefully examines the condition of these used jeans to then later list them for sale. The Madewell website explains: if Madewell branded denim is bought in, it will be listed on the Madewell Forever platform. All other denim brands will be listed on the ThredUp platform.


Madewell released their Madewell Forever program on July 20, 2021. (Courtesy of Madewell)

As a part of their campaign, Madewell shared some facts on how secondhand clothing affects the environment. The Madewell website shares, “When you give a pair of jeans a second life, you reduce its environmental impact by 82%.” A study made by Planet Aid, an environmentally based website, researched that “The secondhand clothing industry’s environment benefits range from fewer carbon emissions to saving water and reducing waste.”

This program can bring a lot of amazing benefits to the environment and fashion industry. All of the jeans listed on the Madewell Forever program can range from $34 to $50. To access Madewell Forever, the Madewell official page has a special section titled “PRELOVED.” Therefore, customers will be directed to a separate page for Madewell Forever to get started on giving denim that second chance of life.

Madewell Forever offers a variety of different denim styles. From skinny jeans, straight jeans, or relaxed jeans, there is something for all denim lovers. There are also many colors to choose from. The Madewell Forever platform is now live and can be accessed here.


The Madewell Forever platform has now launched for the selling of secondhand denim. (Courtesy of Madewell)


Female model posing for the Madewell Forever campaign. (Courtesy of Madewell)


Female models posing for the Madewell Forever campaign. (Courtesy of Madewell)


Female models posing for the Madewell Forever campaign. (Courtesy of Madewell)

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