What to Know as We Slip into Spring

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The first day of spring came in hot on Monday the 20th with a skin baring 52 glorious degrees of sunshine. Granting us recently snowed in city dwellers one of the first opportunities in months to appropriately wear cult favorite Gucci slippers. Cue the hip people of LES manhattan walking down Ludlow on a Sunday in February. (Yeah girl I saw you.) At first I felt a bit guilty for not buying a pair of those covetable slides but the way ankles were quivering in 21 degrees…I shamelessly got over that. (Shameless season 8 anyone?!?)


Image result for gucci slippers in street
Image result for gucci slippers in street

We haven’t quite hung up our coats to power walk the city streets in pastels. As we thaw out from an unforgiving winter we are awaiting a sign of temperature stability from mother earth. I can’t speak for everyone but I’m just waiting to revive my white mini skirt and matching white denim jacket for a spring chic denim on denim look. (Outfit idea anyone!) Better yet, dust off your baby blue Fjallraven (that I know you all have because it sold out before I was able to grab one) and style that with it. An easy swap there would be a Longchamp mini backpack if that’s the wave your riding or something a little more luxurious and off-duty like this seasons J.W. Anderson or Fendi bags (if your credit card allows of course.)

It can be so heartening to look out the window, cast your hopes and dreams on the sun and dress for what we think that means for the weather. But, don’t just see. Listen for the wind soaring past your windows and bouncing against your wind chimes. Sound is sometimes more of an indicator than the sight of seemingly warming rays of the sun. Trust me! It’s not quite time to go closet diving past your Uggs if you’re still wearing those (no judgment here) for those Birkenstocks you’ve been eyeing since that one warm day a few weeks back. Keep your winter staples within reach and your weather apps open in a tab but don’t count out all of the fashionably warm days ahead.

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What to Know as We Slip into Spring