Kerri Rosenthal X Bloomingdale’s AQUA Collaboration

Kerri Rosenthal X Bloomingdale’s AQUA Collaboration

Bloomingdale’s On Screen hosted a talk with Kerri Rosenthal about her recent collaboration with AQUA. Arielle Siboni, the fashion director for ready-to-wear hosted the talk and modeling of the collection. 

About the Artist

Kerri Rosenthal shares that she started painting later in her career and without any painting lessons, created twenty paintings within a year. After this moment her painting career took off! Now, everything she designs starts with a painting that inspired and boosts the whole design process. Kerri Rosenthal mentions that her art process is unplanned. She usually just starts painting and sees what comes out, making her art process organic and limitlessly creative. For this specific project, her artwork that incapsulates the collection is titled Super Duper Best Store in The World.

Kerri Rosenthal x AQUA Collaboration

According to Kerri, this collection looks so chic but is extremely comfortable. The collection is uniquely colorful, super light and happy. The staple part of the collection is the imperfect patch heart that can be found on many of the pieces. The clothing is all inspired by love and will make you feel like you are wearing and spreading love! All of the garments are great for mixing and matching and dressing up or down. What is even better is that most of the clothing comes in both adult and child sizes, creating great family matching sets for the holidays!

Pieces You Can’t Miss

One of the pieces that really stands out in the collaboration project with Aqua and my personal favorite is the Heart Patch Metallic Tweed Jacket. This jacket features the “Je T’aime heart that is a staple to so many of the pieces. It is cute, chic, and would look great on anyone. Kerri recommends matching it with a cute slip dress around the holidays.

The Feeling Good Tote is another must-have piece and is a direct print of her painting that inspired the whole collection! With this amazing purse it is like carrying around a literal piece of beautiful artwork. The Stripe Grandfather Cardigan is another can’t miss that is especially great inclusive for all ages! The first model featured on the talk wore this cardigan and carried the matching bag that also has the “Je T’aime” heart on it. 

Make sure to go check out this amazing collaboration between Kerri Rosenthal and AQUA. There are so many pieces you won’t want to miss that are great for the winter both for yourself and for holiday gifts to spread the love!

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