Celebrities With the Best 2022 Halloween Costumes

Celebrities With the Best 2022 Halloween Costumes

Kim Kardashian, Lizzo, Heidi Klum, Joe Jonas, Keke Palmer, and of course Stevie Nicks, were the celebrities with the best 2022 Halloween Costumes. Each one of these celebrities went all out with their outfits this year and all looked incredible. Whether they dressed for humor, beauty, or nostalgia, all of the costumes were flawless and could not have been put together better. 

Kim Kardashian

She dressed at the mutant Mystique from “X-Men.” The costume includes a full skin-tight blue bodysuit. She perfectly matched the blue with a complete coverage of face paint. Without stopping there, she finished the look with bright yellow contacts and a red wig.



Lizzo’s dressed as Marge Simpson from the Simpsons. The head-to-toe yellow body paint and blue wig really shows her going the extra mile to capture Marge Simpson character.


Heidi Klum

Next, Heidi Klum’s costume took dress-up to a different level. She, who vogue calls the queen of Halloween, wore a worm costume that definitely stood out the most. This costume is even more relatable after the popular TikTok trend of “Would you still love me if I was a worm?” making the costume even more fun and silly.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas’ costume as Flo from progressive was too funny. The much-loved Flo, Joe Jonas executes with perfection, and the red lipstick and “I love insurance” sticker show a true dedication to the costume.


Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer dressed as both a Disney princess, Rapunzel, and a Marvel hero, Rogue, this Halloween. Basically, both costumes were immaculate and amazing transformations. Her Rapunzel outfit was this year’s most beauty costume. After fans have been asking to see her dress up as Rapunzel, she not only did that, but took it to the next level with an incredible video production of her in the costume.


Stevie Nicks

Finally, the true icon of Halloween when as a witch, her tradition and go-to outfit. As always Halloween is truly Stevie Nicks day, and her modern witch aesthetic never fails. On Instagram she posted this photo wishing everyone a Happy Halloween.


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