Irresistible. Indulgent. Decadent: Bake Your Favorite Desserts into Shoes

Irresistible. Indulgent. Decadent: Bake Your Favorite Desserts into Shoes

If there’s something sweet in the world no one can resist, it’s got to be desserts. There are so many assortments of desserts, from crispy glazed doughnuts to creamy, fudge filled sundaes; No matter if it’s the NY cheesecake with strawberry at your local bakery or an opera cake served at a fancy French restaurant, they steal everyone’s hearts with their unique flavors as well as eye-catching appeal. But now, imagine your favorite dessert being wearable, with a highly realistic appearance that could attract people to take a bite. Check out Shoe Bakery, an Orlando establishment created by artist Chris Campbell and his wife, with the mission of making life a lot sweeter.



Chris Campbell has a lifelong passion for sweets and desserts as well as a love for shoes and style. Ever since college, Campbell had been fascinated with creating various textures by mixing materials to make them as realistic as they can be. “I always enjoyed the challenge of making things seem like something they weren’t.” says Campbell. In 2013, he decided to combine the two things he most loved. Therefore, Shoe Bakery was born. The products are inspired by different kinds of desserts such as wafers, rainbow cakes and sundaes, adorned with faux buttercream, sprinkles, cherries, etc. To enhance the realistic effect, Campbell utilizes real baking tools to create the decorations on the shoes. Campbell is very detail oriented; he also created a series of matching handbags. The main material is microfiber leather, the same leather for car seats. Although his products are not edible, they are extremely comfortable.

Campbell at work, making shoes the same methods like desserts 

You can purchase Campbell’s designs online or at selected boutiques, even customize anything from the inside to outside. A variety of styles are available: flats, pumps and wedges. A pair of shoes range between $100-$500, with a few limited editions coming out once in a while. For the time being, Campbell’s designs are made exclusively for women. Campbell claims that their target consumers are women between 18-40 years old. Most consumers buy them for special occasions like weddings, some older women buy the products for their daughters. At the same time, the couple is expanding their line to clothing, accessories and kids’ stuff.

Left: Seasonal products, red velvet cake inspired pumps for Christmas

Right: Matching bags to go with shoes, known as “Bake-a-bag” according to the website

Every single design has Campbell’s devotion of passion and effort. “I feel that every woman deserves to feel special, and not have the same shoes that someone else does.” Say Campbell, “Shoe Bakery is like sweet treat for your feet, our one-of-a-kind, handmade shoes will surely bring out your sweet side.” It’s true that Campbell’s shoes aren’t anything close to “high fashion” based on the latest trends, but the whimsical designs bring a little more of something colorful, something sweet and a fresh sense of style to the world of women’s shoes.



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