Could The Apparel Company TELFAR Eliminate Resell Culture Permanently?

Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar. You’ve waited until a specific time for apparel to release from a company like Yeezy or Supreme. You quickly put the product in your cart to purchase it, but when you click “purchase,” it’s out of stock. You’re frustrated and annoyed that “bots” have probably been used to quickly buy these products. Furthermore, you realize that most of these “bots” are purchasing the products just to resell them later. While you wanted to use the product, others are making money from someone else’s creation. Well, the apparel company, TELFAR, was having this same problem, as their bags were selling out instantly upon release. However, instead of continuing to let it happen, TELFAR is trying to make a change. 


TELFAR addressed this issue and voiced the frustration felt by many consumers about “bots” being used to purchase products. Thus, the company decided to institute a 24-hour unlimited pre-order event on August 19th. During this event, anyone can buy as many bags as they want, and TELFAR will make it for them. Not only does this give TELFAR a clear understanding of the exact demand for different variations of their products, but it also allows every customer to get their products. Most importantly, it prevents “bots” and individuals who simply want to resell TELFAR products from keeping other consumers from getting products they want to use. 

While this shows consumers that TELFAR cares about them, it will be intriguing to see the aftermath of this decision. Firstly, will TELFAR be able to pull off the thousands (if not more) bag orders they will get? Secondly, and most importantly, how will this influence the rest of the apparel industry? Will they follow suit if other companies see the efforts of TELFAR and the success of this venture? And if so, will this eliminate “bots” and resellers all together? These questions are hypothetical, but we’ve seen how industries across the board have innovated over the years. Thus, it might be time for the apparel industry to do the same, with TELFAR at the forefront of change.



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Could The Apparel Company TELFAR Eliminate Resell Culture Permanently?