Seyong Kim On Creating Korean Menswear Brand NEU_IN

Seyong Kim On Creating Korean Menswear Brand NEU_IN

Seyong Kim, Designer and Founder of NEU_IN

Seyong Kim, designer and Founder of Korean menswear brand, NEU_IN debuted his Autumn Winter 2022 earlier this month. The brand name originates from the German word “neu” meaning new and the Korean word “in” meaning person is unique in itself. I had the opportunity to ask Seyong Kim some questions about his journey to getting where he is today. Continue reading to get a better understanding of Seyong Kim, and his journey in creating NEU_IN.

How did you discover your love for fashion?

When I was very young, I used to look through my mom’s and sister’s closets, and I used to pose and play while trying on gorgeous clothes. Under the influence of my older brother and an older sister who majored in art, I started drawing at home. I think these took me a lot of my time in my childhood, and this was the starting point, so I fell in love with fashion.

What inspired you to become a designer specifically?

As I said above, I always dreamt of becoming a designer from a young age, it might be a family influence. In particular, it seems to be a very big factor that I became interested in drawing under the influence of my older brother and older sister. Because of that, my dream was to become a painter when I was young, and I gradually got to know various jobs as I grew up, and even then, I was still looking through my mom’s and sister’s wardrobe, so naturally, I became interested in the job of fashion designer.

When was NEU_IN established?

NEU_IN was established in June 2018.

How did you come up with the name NEU_IN for the brand?

At first, I was just trying to come up with a name. However, there was no name that came to mind, and in the end, rather than creating a name, I thought about how to continue the brand. I thought of my own thing that other brands couldn’t do, and I came up with the idea of telling my story that I can do best. I thought I couldn’t talk about my past experiences with one personality, so I needed a new character every season. Finally, NEU_IN, a compound word I created, was born.

What would you say has been a creative challenge since creating the brand?

Creating a new character, story, and mood every season is the biggest challenge. This is because the purpose of this brand is to provide and exchange emotions that arise from sharing the experience of a person (me), not just clothes, but also the people who come into contact with the collection.

How would you describe NEU_IN in terms of fashion?

A brand that makes delicate clothes with stories in even small details.

Can you tell me what inspired the story behind your newest collection?

As every season, this collection also created a new character named Dave through a special past memory of me. The story explains me, who was in a special situation (Military Service). I paid attention to Dave’s relationship with other people in the situation and Dave’s own changes from it.

What are some of the must-have items from NEU_IN right now?

I make curly-shaped jeans almost every season, and the design, material, and color are changing little by little. I will try various things gradually, but I think it would be good to have the most original version. It would be a good idea to collect them by series. Whatever it is, I hope you have the Curly Shaped jeans of NEU_IN.

Where would you like to see NEU_IN evolve in the future?

I want to tell my story to more people in a variety of ways. Currently, it is only shown with the videos and images I make, but in the future, I hope to present the collection as a fashion show such as a play that directs a part of the past in a space or a gallery exhibition that can be watched and appreciated for a long time.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Since it is a clothing brand, most people are very interested in clothes. However, if you are interested in the stories that are created each season, the colors that match, and even the labels that are made with them. I think you will be able to enjoy our collection more, so I would like you to try it. In addition, there is a symbolic object that represents the video and collection. It would be good to refer to that.

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