Influencer Turned Designer: Aaliyah Jay

Influencer Turned Designer: Aaliyah Jay

New York- NYC’s very own fashion and beauty influencer AaliyahJay has a new title, fashion designer. Aaliyah’s journey into the fashion industry began in 2012 on YouTube. Since then, she’s gained over 1.55 million subscribers and 2 million followers on Instagram. Although her journey into the fashion world began in 2012, Aaliyah’s passion for fashion and design began at ten years old when she sewed her first handbag. Now the maven has “…a fashion brand for free expression and empowerment” by the name of Twisted Saints.

Humble Beginnings

Twisted Saints is the “It Girl’s” new and improved brand; the road to the rebrand was short of plain sailing. Twisted Saints Swim was the original line launched in 2020 and featured swimwear. After great success and sellouts, Aaliyah decided to extend the line beyond swimwear and entered the world of fast fashion. In a recent video, she disclosed that after all her time, money, and hard work went into the merchandise, she discovered her vendors were copywriting another Black designer’s work.

As a woman of integrity, she contacted the designer to inform her of the mishap, told her followers, and discontinued the brand. However, she did not let that minor setback stray her away from her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Instead, it encouraged her to come back stronger.

New and Improved

Aaliyah knew that to provide the merchandise she truly desired, she would have to create them herself. With the help of a team, she designed three pieces in her debut relaunch from start to finish. After testing multiple designs, fittings, and consultations, Aaliyah developed and manufactured her dream collection.

Collection one features a ruffled mesh long sleeve top, a color block ribbed dress, and vegan leather skin-tight pants.

The Twisted Saints rebrand launched this past Friday, Jan. 28. However, the designer, Aaliyah Jay, has informed us that this will not be the last collection and expect a lot more in the future.

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