The Age of Tiffany Galicia From Madness To Fearless

The Age of Tiffany Galicia From Madness To Fearless

Tiffany Galicia is here to release her inner beast with her self-taught creative and fashion photography brand Otto Magazine!

She has gone from drawing, painting, writing to photography at the age of 15 in New York City.

“If I would have never started shooting, I would never be myself,” she said. She has aspirations of impacting and inspiring in the photo game!

Who Is The Archive Photography Goddess?

Tiffany has always been dedicated to the arts. The fellow creative enjoys drawing, painting, writing, singing, fashion, and creative directing.

Tiffany mentions, “Anything that has to do with art I’m there. I love how through my artwork I’m able to break rules and boundaries; there are no limits to what I can produce.”

Her mom is her biggest inspiration for how she got into capturing moments from images.

“Growing up my mom was a woman that came from the bottom and managed to reach the top on her own. She’s been through hell and back but never gave up. One day I want to be able to give back to her for all she’s done for my family and me,” she explains. 

This hunger is what motivated her to launch her photography company Otto Magazine.

Tiffany began the brand because she felt unappreciated at the time along with her friends. 

The goal of the fashion magazine was to serve as a basis for solidarity and collaboration while also helping others outside the group. “I started the magazine because I knew it would be a beautiful way to start the movement and showcase our work,” Tiffany said. 

What Does She Have To Offer?

Unlike other fashion photographers, Tiffany is here to offer vivid imagery of artwork that’s dreamlike but peaceful.

Her work is inspired by nightmares she has every night. From this point, she transforms them in a way that’s tranquil and invites viewers in to understand what goes on in her life.

“I always describe my artwork as a look into madness” she stated. 

Tiffany is a versatile artist, but she hopes that much of this spread throughout the fashion and photography industries as well for people of color. There can always be more representation of upcoming artists, brands, and companies to push for diversity. 

Today Tiffany still resides in the New York City area and works as a creative director and fashion photographer. Her work is a voice against conformity as she utilizes her nightmares as a way to make positive shifts to transpire unity among other creatives. 

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