“37°2 – Falling Into You” Ichiyo Taguchi’s SS22 Collection Unveiled

“37°2 – Falling Into You” Ichiyo Taguchi’s SS22 Collection Unveiled

A Look From the “37°2 – Falling Into You” Collection By Pavo Marinovic

Fashion designer, Ichiyo Taguchi, has unveiled her SS22 collection “37°2 – Falling Into You” and it is marvelous. Ichiyo’s label was first born in 2020 as a statement from her visions of femininity. The designer is deliberately using “nudity” as a way to “dress-up,” underwear becomes formal wear. In her new SS22 collection “37°2 – Falling Into You” the pieces are designed to fit and hug unique and different bodies.

About the Designer

Ichiyo Taguchi came from a Japanese-Korean family in Morioka, Japan. At the age of 23, Ichiyo went to Paris for school. She graduated with her MFA in Design Pattern-Making from L’ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Courture Parisienne. At the beginning of 2020, Ichiyo had returned to Japan after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Since her mother became ill Ichiyo suspended all of her projects in Paris. Ichiyo stayed home to care for her family and reflect on her life abroad. Following the passing of Ichiyo’s mother, she decided to return to Paris and fund her brand and personal project Ichiyo. Ichiyo’s premier collection makes use of textures, details, and layers. The collection does so in trying to express the challenges found in being a woman. You will see that Ichiyo mixes technical elements.

Behind the “37°2 – Falling Into You” Collection

37°2 is the temperature of pregnant women in the morning. Along with that, the collection name, “37°2 – Falling Into You,” also comes from the designer’s favorite movie, Betty Blue, 37°2 le matin. “The story and character of Betty strongly inspired the attitudes and intense feelings behind this collection,” said Ichiyo. Since Ichiyo was younger she has always felt conflicted about the way society treats emotions. This collection is about “feelings and emotions,” especially “the feelings of a woman,” said the designer. Ichiyo Taguchi also believes that being emotional and having love to give is beautiful. “It’s as essential as air for human beings,” says Ichiyo.

The prints in the “37°2 – Falling Into You” collection come from Ichiyo’s collaboration with photographer and artist, Pavo Marinovic. Marinovic is not only a close friend but also a creative colleague with whom Ichiyo shares a beautiful universe. The designs as both “poetic and melancholic at the same time,” says Ichiyo. “Falling into you,” “heartbeat,” and “crazy romance” are all prints based on flowers, collected and photographed together. The collection includes colors such as, red, orange, grey, brown, and a shocking pink. These colors are an addition to the pastel tones Ichiyo has always used. You may notice that there is a contrast between the pastel and vibrant or dark colors in the collection. This is to visually convey uncontrollable emotions.

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