The “Good Anywhere” Collection By 18 East x Bodega Has Arrived

The “Good Anywhere” Collection By 18 East x Bodega Has Arrived

“Good Anywhere” By Brandon Scott Herrel

The Boston-based retailer Bodega, and New York based outdoor apparel specialist, 18 East, have collaborated for the first time. Their latest “Good Anywhere” collection allows the two brands to bond over their New England roots. This collection comes in time for people to catch the end of winter with a new jacket and get a fresh new tee for spring. Antonio Ciongoli, founder and 18 East designer, and Jay Gordon, a founder of Bodega, have put in the work for the “Good Anywhere” collection.

Behind The “Good Anywhere” Collection

Ciongoli and Gordon made sure that this collection would do its job to be there for you and give you the motivation you need to go out and explore. The “Good Anywhere” collection allows you to take a step back and appreciate the nature surrounding you. The story behind this collection represents that of a leaf in a sea of leaves, it being the first you’ve ever seen.

“Good Anywhere” Collection By Tone

“It holds a complicated, beautiful, visual story, its color palette serving as a timeline of its journey: green birth, orange and yellow growth, and black decay. It’s suspended in life and death. But, it also symbolizes change – its ability to change with its surrounds and for its surroundings” said Bodega editorial. The collection shines a light on observations such as that one. Those adventures would not be possible if you were not embracing the natural world.

A Look At The Collection

This collection of versatile outdoor gear was made using a print with an actual leaf. Some of the items in the collection are a co-branded crewneck and a pair of t-shirts. Along with that, there is some workwear as well as exploration items. In the collection, you will find a tactical vest, a parka jacket, and double knee pants. Also, some of the accessories you can find are camp hats and neck gaiters. The collection is available for purchase now on both the 18 East website and the Bodega website.

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