A Guide To The Most Popular NYC Thrift Stores On TikTok

A Guide To The Most Popular NYC Thrift Stores On TikTok

TikTok is a lifesaver for many reasons, distractions, recipe recommendations, fashion advice, comedy, random amazon finds you never actually needed but bought anyway, the list could go on and on. But one of my favorite things to do on the app is search for NYC thrift stores that are worth the hype.

There’s nothing worse than an hour-long commute to a store that has nothing in your price range or worse nothing that you remotely like. And while every TikTok recommendation doesn’t turn out to be amazing every time, they do have a lot of hits.

Beacon’s Closet

This store is quickly becoming popular on TikTok. Beacon’s Closet has three stores in Brooklyn and an additional location in Manhattan. I discovered this store through the TikTok account @cityhippy, most of their videos are about thrift finds in NYC.

This store is the place to go if you’re looking for designer and vintage finds or trendy statement pieces. You can also trade or sell clothes to the store.

10 Ft Single By Stella Dallas

Another Brooklyn find, this store has it all from vintage to kid’s clothes and even a cute little dog in the store. This store made an appearance on my For You Page in @sarahhodgson’s thrift favorites video.

10 ft single has a great selection of jeans as well as trendy coats and other outwear. Try looking in the men’s section for jeans, surprisingly the men’s section always has the best denim.

Urban Jungle

You’re probably noticing a trend here this store is another Brooklyn shop. Brought to my FYP by @dani_grava, this store is filled with a lot of 90s inspired clothing. You might have heard of L Train Vintage (another thrift franchise with stores in Brooklyn), Urban Jungle is an L Train Vintage store.

They claim to be one of the biggest thrift stores in NYC so budget a lot of time to dig through everything here.

Keep Searching

There are a ton of thrift stores throughout NYC so don’t give up if you can’t find pieces you like at one of them. Thrifting is all about patience and having the imagination to make an old garment look new again. And of course, if these stores don’t work out for you there are always new places to explore on TikTok.

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