Here’s Why Every Woman Should Own Something From Skims

Here’s Why Every Woman Should Own Something From Skims

By: Hailey Hinton  2/2/2021

Best known for her reality TV role on Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s, Kim Kardashian has been a well-known face in pop culture for quite some time. She’s done everything from makeup, to perfume, even singing. Arguably, her most recent business, Skims, has had outstanding feedback on almost every single line she’s released. 

Starting out as a shapewear line for women, Skims quickly started selling things like loungewear, underwear, maternity, kids lounge, and even face masks. Not only were things selling fast, but these items were almost always selling out. 

So what is so great about Skims and why does every woman need something from Kim’s line? 

Photos via Skims

The Sizing

Skims Sleepwear

The sizing on these items is so perfectly done. Not only is every item stretchy and molds to every body shape, but the website has models of all sizes and their measurements to show which would be closest to your size. 

The Material + Colors

While not all of the material is the same for each line, it’s all so soft and durable. Her lines range from cotton, to velour, to waffle weave, and so much more. After every wash, the pieces seem to get even softer. All of the color options in each piece are neutral, so they go with anything and everything.


Skims Solutionwear

The best thing about her collections is that almost all of the pieces can be dressed up, or down. The bodysuits can be worn around the house, or for a night out on the town. The tank tops can be worn while running errands, or for a lazy day. 


For the quality of these pieces, the pricing is not bad—especially when you know you’re actually getting something that will hold up time after time. They also ship incredibly fast to wherever you are, and the shipping is never more than $5 (if you spend over $75, it’s free). 

The Reviews

Skims Cotton Rib

If the above isn’t enough to make you want to purchase something from Skims, go and read the thousands of reviews each piece has on them. It’s rare to ever see a bad review!

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