Fashion Brand Jade McFadden Takes It Over All

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A 360-degree brand, if you may. From Texarkana, TX, Jade McFadden founded her own namesake fashion brand, which valorizes contemporary luxury with a sparkle of classic vintage. To Jade, fashion should be affordable as well as approachable, yet distinctive and detailed-oriented. This is all visible and transparent in what her business sells and promotes.

Since 2018 Jade and her business partner have been on the grind to make the brand Jade McFadden flourish in the most attractive way possible. Besides clothing, the brand sells shoes, accessories, beauty and grooming products, and home decor pieces.

Here to The Garnette Report, Jade tells us about her brand, career, and other fashion thoughts.

Jade McFadden
What’s the motto you use to describe your brand?
“Vintage-Inspiration, Mod-Liberation”.
How does it feel like to be a small business owner under these times, with COVID-19 at the cusp and in between of everything?
In spite of everything, I still feel blessed! I’d have to say the most challenging thing has actually been shipping delays due to fewer workers at different postal services. Things have slowly, but surely gotten better!
There are many fashion brands that both produce vintage and trendy items, under the same name or company. Why did you decide to dedicate your time to building your own fashion brand and not working for any other fashion company?
Our fashion and lifestyle brand is very unique and appeals to different demographics because we have a wide range of products for women, men, and kids… ranging from clothing, shoes, and bags to jewelry and accessories to beauty and grooming products to various lifestyle products! It’s literally like a “One-stop shop“. Also, our brand aesthetic is very clean and classy, yet cool and creative! There’s a balance.
Where does the energy you use to keep pushing forward come from?
My parents. Although they are not with me physically, they are with me spiritually! They taught me how to be resilient at a young age. I am so very grateful!
What’s your favorite section and item in your brand? 
Oh, I’m not sure I can just name my favorite section and item. That is difficult! But, I can tell you this, I absolutely love staple pieces!
What kind of products would you like to promote through your business in the near future?
The Jade McFadden brand (Jade McFadden & Co.) is expanding! We have major things in the works! I can’t say too much right now, but it will be awesome, so stay tuned!

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Fashion Brand Jade McFadden Takes It Over All