The Harmony Of Dresses By Judy Zhang

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There’s a circular and explosive harmony in Judy Zhang‘s newest Autumn-Winter collection 2021-2022. Based in New York City, the fashion brand has developed a cosmopolitan approach to its pieces, by including all the flags and culture that Ms. Zhang has ever come across.

This latest collection took inspiration from Anna May Wong (1905 -1961), the most famous Sino-American actress from the 20th century. Ms. Wong was a role model in Hollywood, one of the few non-white performers to excel on the major screens. With her poise and figure, she has inspired lots of mixed American kids with Asian heritage, as well as other people all over the world. Judy Zhang put together an ensemble of Western and Eastern fashion styles while providing a visual and candid representation of her emotions on pastel textures.

Judy Zhang

The elegance of the shapes of this particular collection recalls the inspirational Hollywood character of Anna May Wong that encloses the first two worlds of America and China. Ms. Zhang loves many other cultures, scenarios, and practices. Her admiration for Italy and its landscapes is reflected in the textile printing that represents the Presena Glacier, in Trentino Alto Adige (North of Italy).

Judy Zhang

The luxurious fabrics, shaped with mastery to create coats, dresses, blazers, trousers, shirts, and skirts with tailored cuts and details, characterize the selections that offer silk, wool, cashmere, velvet, and special Japanese fabric. These elements keep the clients’ figure slender, modern, and classic. The balance of it all is made by the juxtaposition of soft colors and decisive shape.

Judy Zhang

The color palette that colors Judy’s pieces is made of black and white, lit by the thousands of shades of blue and green, in addition to camel and pink. If you’re more interested in this collection and future works, make sure to check Judy Zhang on her website and Instagram page.


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The Harmony Of Dresses By Judy Zhang