Emulate Rihanna– Wear Red This Spring Season!

Emulate Rihanna– Wear Red This Spring Season!

For Super Bowl 57, Rihanna stunned in an all-red ensemble to match the red stage she performed on. Opening her performance with a fan-favorite song, stunning choreography by a dance team outfitted in all white. Dazzling audiences all while being pregnant with her second child, Rihanna is still very much an icon. And with an outfit like the one she wore, she’s one singer that is just too hot to ignore.

If you’re interested in emulating Rihanna’s superbowl looks this spring season, we at the Garnette Report have got you colored– in red, of course. 


Accessorizing is one of the keys to an outfit, and a little can do a lot when it comes to elevating your style. By offsetting an otherwise boring look with something red– a scarf, for example, like the Hermes one featured below– you can add a pop of color to your day and attract eyes to wherever your accessories are placed.

Photo from the Hermes Website (hermes.com, Brides et Destin scarf)

You can use nearly anything to accessorize, but some of our favorites include scarves, hats, jewelry, and, of course, handbags.  Why not make the streets your Super Bowl by making an ordinary outfit look expensive?

Dresses and Jumpsuits

As we move from winter to spring, there’s a new opportunity to break out your dresses and your jumpsuits. A red one-piece can steal a person’s focus with its vibrancy– as we know thanks to Rihanna’s halftime show. And if it’s anything like the Nordstrom dress seen below, it can single-handedly leave passersby breathless.

Photo from the Nordstrom website (Nordstrom.com, Corset Maxi Dress)

If it’s still a bit too cold, there is always an opportunity to layer the dress. A favorite layering item is a white shirt or sweater, though a black top or jacket can get the job done easily. And for the shorter red dress, an easy layering tool can be a pair of tights or stockings.

Shoes like Rihanna

If there ‘s doubt that red is your color, bring out your inner Rihanna more subtly with red shoes. Loafers, flats, or heels– the type of shoe makes no difference. It’s the color that will accentuate your outfit and serve as the same pop of color that an accessory would. Gym shoes like the red Nikes seen below can be both comfortable and colorful.

Photo from Nike (Nike.com, Air Jordan 1s)

If you want to take the color even further, pair the shoes with a similarly red accessory to bring the outfit all together.

Rihanna is the fairy godmother of fashion, and the look she gave at the Super Bowl only proves that point further. But, if you want to emulate everyone’s favorite Bad Gal this season and rock some red, we’ve got your back.

Featured Image by Mike Coppola of Getty Images.

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