Chloe Star Showcases New Single, “Element”

Chloe Star Showcases New Single, “Element”

Image via Euphoria Magazine –

Eye-catching, alluring, and with just the right mixture of lyrical passion, Chloe Star has welcomed a new dazzling definition of what it means to be a pop punk act. 

The Persian-Native American singer debuts herself as the confident and assertive woman that she is with her new single “Element,” pop punk’s new take on empowerment, self-reliance, and creative comfort. 

Growing up between Los Angeles and her family’s reservation in San Bernardino, Star has undeniably painted her story through a musical creation of hip-hop, an irresistible guitar line, and seductive vocals that pair well with her lyrical introduction to her expansive new world. Chloe Star has spent years searching for her voice in the midst of all music has to offer, and she’s now ready to present it to the world. This is her musical awakening and message towards complete and wholly invested self confidence. 

Image via Euphoria Magazine -

If perseverance could take on an artistic presence, it would do so as this single. “Element” is bold, fierce, and just the right amount of sensual. Chloe Star’s new single cultivates a new understanding of what it means to be an edgy heartthrob, with her lyrics illustrating her infatuation with self discovery.

“Element” will definitely capture your attention and have you walking out with a new sense of poise and audaciousness. This single is a glimpse of who Chloe Star is, what she will be, and a solace of what is yet to come for both the artist and its listeners. 

With her EP coming out later this year, “Element” gives audiences a taste of what she has to offer. The music video alone showcases that cutthroat, daring yet lucid essence of what this song and evidently her upcoming album will provide. It is a means of painting herself in a new light, one that takes musical tenacity and luring lyrics to a new level of edgy sensuality. 

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