Sister Duo, OTRA, Debut New Single “E&M”

Sister Duo, OTRA, Debut New Single “E&M”

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Sister duo, OTRA, debut their newest single “E&M” –  a synth, haunting production that steps into the journey of self identification. With their debut album on the way, the band’s newest single takes on alluring vocal stacks and a complex musical build-up to another level. The powerfully attracting chorus of “E&M” is only setting the stage for what their debut album has to come. 

Consisting of Bay Area sisters, Laura and Kara Malhotra, the band has set out on a trip that steps outside of expectations and into the voyage of purpose. From Pacifica, California, the duo deliver a hypnotic single that touches on an enticing repurposing of music. From erratic guitar lines and a crashing of wind instruments, to the spellbinding synth and reeling lyrics, “E&M” alters what it means to be fully encapsulated by a song. The single is a creative production of a new kind of bewitching music, one that ventures into comfortable yearning. 

The Malhotra sisters discussed this new single as being the creation of a mesmerizing fantasy, stating in a recent interview with Earshot Media that it “was created in a late night fever dream at home.” With lyrics such as “Misfortune, the things I do you try to understand,” and “Misfortune, the things I say – I’ll never take them back,” the two women revel in this search for social identity. The single feels as though one is wandering, searching for escape until they have made it back out into this sobering reality. It is bold, transfixing, and has just the right amount of cathartic harmony. “E&M” is a rhythmic introduction to what OTRA’s journey of self discovery will consist of. 

OTRA’s upcoming debut album, “I’m Not That Way” released digitally Friday February 10, via Thirty Something Records.


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