In An Era Of Multi-Disciplined Artists, Model and Dancer Dakota Moore-Lizotte Shines Bright

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In the past decade, we’ve observed an amazing transformation in the disciplines that artists are able to operate within. In other words, we’ve seen how artists can transcend a variety of fields and still find success. Some of the most prominent examples of this are Kanye West and Rihanna who have garnered plenty of achievements over their music career, but have equally succeeded in the industries of fashion and cosmetics, respectively. As more and more artists are comfortable showcasing their versatility, model and dancer Dakota Moore-Lizotte has become a shining example of this phenomenon. 

As a teenager, Dakota was heavily involved in dance. She attended prestigious performance institutions like the Ailey School in New York. She continued her passion for dance in San Francisco, where she trained at Lines Ballet. In addition to attending school, she’s been a part of dance performances for both concerts and fashion shows. However, her love for dance is only one aspect of her brilliant artistry. 

Dakota is also a prominent model with a resume that could fill up the pages of any book. She’s modeled for Fenty, New York Fashion Week, Elle, Vogue, Essence, and so many more prestigious institutions and publications in the world of fashion. She has been represented by Q Model Management, Chadwick Models Australia, and Select Model Los Angeles. Thus, it’s clear that her reach as a multi-disciplined artist is international. At only 23 years old, the peak of her list of accomplishments has yet to be reached. For more on Dakota, follow her @dakota_madison.


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In An Era Of Multi-Disciplined Artists, Model and Dancer Dakota Moore-Lizotte Shines Bright