Ivy Coco Maurice

Ivy Coco Maurice

Ivy Coco Maurice is a writer, creator, and entrepreneur with a distinctly 21st Century career path. While studying abroad in 2014, she began to blog. This travel journal ended up being so widely read that Maurice made the switch to full-time blogging in 2015. Now, almost six years later, she is an Instagram influencer whose page, filled with interior design and lifestyle inspiration, has almost 52 thousand followers.

Maurice grew up in Los Angeles, and she attributes much of her style to this childhood and to her French and Jamaican family. As a dual French and American citizen, Maurice “fell in love with many different cultures, foods, people, and fashion style” starting at a very young age. Now that she’s an adult, this passion for beauty, fashion, food, architecture, and travel has made her someone inspiration-seekers gravitate towards.

Providing that inspiration, Maurice says, is her favorite part about being an influencer. She loves to know that she is “shining a positive light” and says that “many young women, girls, and guys constantly tell me that I am an inspiration to them because I am not afraid to be myself.”

For Maurice, being herself means being open, driven, and intelligent as well as stylish and sophisticated. Maurice describes herself as a “forthright journalist,” and she graduated from Syracuse University in 3 years at the age of 20 with a degree in Economics and a concentration in Retail Management. Using this training, Maurice is growing her IvyCoco brand, is a contributing writer for Lonny lifestyle magazine, and has launched her first brand, Bloss Beauté, a source for eyebrow and lip makeup products.

She may still be young, but Maurice shows that age doesn’t define what a person can accomplish. Her joy in inspiring others to be themselves propels her forward as her brand and business grow, and she truly embodies Bloss Beauté’s motto: “You were born to stand out, not fit in.”


Images via Instagram and Bloss Beauté

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