Up & Coming Need – to – Know Designers

Up & Coming Need – to – Know Designers

Throughout the year, we are always looking to see who are the new names in the fashion spotlight. While many established brands are attempting or struggling to revive their houses, we always turn our eye to the new names that may give us a grand surprise. Perhaps we are looking for new pioneers that will derive from up & coming designers and ought to be on a “need-to-know” list. This new class can delivered and are quenching our undying thirst which gives us something to be excited about for the season. Here is a list of three up & coming need – to – know designers.

Based in Paris, France, Etienne studied fashion at Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts and La Cambre School of Visual Arts in Brussels. With a deep interest in sportswear and its history, this Parisian designs reflects the essence of luxury while utilizing a series architectural shapes and volume. He has firm dedication to producing garments encompasses quality and traceability. Etienne’s unique fashion gives every woman a rare item that is unparalleled. While building a contemporary wardrobe that transpires a rootedness in sportswear and quality, his creations will always follow elegance and sensuality with mere functionality.

The name is derived from the french phrase “cinq à sept sank·ah·set sæŋk’eɪ’set  n“: “The time between late afternoon and early evening when streets are awash in the warm glow of the vanishing sun and anything is possible.”  cinq à sept is about transition. It brings the link between day and night; it’s tensions that transpires into an advance contemporary collection. cinq à sept is a flow of sophistication and ease that balances with alluring confidence and youthfulness. It embraces a modern femininity that denotes unforeseen aesthetics, undeniable silhouettes and a taste for romance and sexiness that which can only be drawn from the woman wearing them.


PH5, based in New York City, was founded by Wei Lin back in 2014. The contemporary women’s line was designed by Mijia Zhang, who studied at Parsons. PH5 offers innovative knit-woven garments that redefines knitwear by adding a playful take on color, print and patterns with the support of a solid knitwear manufacturer. These creations reflect a sense of one’s individualism and sophisticated personality.

All images are courtesy of Etienne Deroeux, cinq à sept, PH5

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