Bourbon Summer Cartoon Crisis Releases New Sustainable Collection

Bourbon Summer Cartoon Crisis Releases New Sustainable Collection

Featured looks from the collection. Sourced: Bourbon Summer Cartoon Crisis

Bourbon Summer Cartoon Crisis has launched a new sustainable womenswear and menswear collection celebrating color and energy.

The new collection is inspired by post-apocalyptic art and the brand continues to produce perfectly constructed sustainable clothing. The brand aims for their clothes to explore the tension between extravagant patterns and classic silhouettes to embody the brand’s philosophy and commitment to sustainability. Every garment is made in New York City’s Garment District utilizing high-quality silk, Tencel, and linen that has a minimal impact on the environment without compromising comfort or style. CRISIS furthers its sustainability commitment by incorporating different processes in textiles, materials, packaging, and the use of recycled plastic throughout the collection.

The collection sparks notes to y2k inspired prints including very prominent, flamboyant, and colorful patterns. The garments have very classic silhouettes that flatter the body to place focus on the prints. The collection utilizes navy blue, pastel pink, hot pink, cream, and purple notes to tie together the prints that are chosen. Through this, the garments balance the crazy prints with a more subtle style that embodies the brand’s philosophy in “finding meaning and beauty amidst the chaos that surrounds us.”

The collection includes both womenswear and menswear including options of blazers, skirts, shirts, trousers, and full suits. The plethora of options also highlights the brand’s commitment to inclusivity in expanding their consumer base to both genders, breaking the gender norms of fashion and bringing the focus back on fashion as a form of expression. The use of bright colors throughout the main prints that are cohesively designed with color-blocked garments also exudes the beauty of chaos, inviting wearers and observers to consider the beauty of the life we live in.

Through the new collection, the brand connects the idea of self-expression and exploration with fashion to their garments, creating that for their consumers. By utilizing such explosive prints not commonly used from other brands, CRISIS creates that anomaly for themselves to bring that sense of expression and emotion to their clothes. In doing so, the wearers transform into the most confident version of themselves and allow their clothes to bring awareness to the beauty and fun in the chaos around them.

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