Shop Black-Owned Businesses with Agnes Bethel Heels

Agnes Bethel Origin Hybrid shoes

Shop Black-Owned Businesses with Agnes Bethel Heels

By: Caitlyn Garrity / April 5, 2021

For the bold woman, the husband-wife duo, Justice and Leslie Bessent, founded luxury heel company, Agnes Bethel.

The black-owned shoewear brand focuses on making sexy, innovative and creative shoes for any woman. Each shoe is hand-crafted in Italy with the best leather so you can live authentically and beautifully.

Agnes Bethel shoes in yellow and red

Photo via @agnesbethelshoes on Instagram

About the Brand, Agnes Bethel

Agnes Bethel started out as a bet between Leslie and Justice to see who could make the perfect shoe. What started as a competition led to a full luxury line of heels and shoes inspired by brilliant women in their lives.

Photo of the husband-wife duo Leslie and Justice Bessent

Photo via @agnesbethelshoes on Instagram

The name, Agnes Bethel, is a touching tribute to Justice’s mother. Growing up on the island of Petite Martinique, Grenada, Bethel had a passion for clothes-making and at 22, moved to the United States to pursue a career in fashion.

However Bethel never got the opportunity to show her talents to the world, but her daughter now has.

Branded as “Rebels of Luxury Footwear,” Agnes Bethel is for the bold woman, who is not afraid of risks and chances. Each design is exclusive to Agnes Bethel, finding shoes that you cannot find anywhere else.

Photo of Agnes Bethel shoes on a woman with white dresses

Photo via @agnesbethelshoes on Instagram

The Designs and Influence of Agnes Bethel Shoes

Designed to be inclusive of all backgrounds, Agnes Bethel shoes cater to a variety of different fashion senses of bold women, With leather, patterns and fun designs, each shoe is made uniquely for the wearer. You can find shoes that are more simple or more extravagant, depending on what kind of look you are searching for.

Photo of woman wearing Agnes Bethel shoes

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You can shop the collections available on Agnes Bethel’s website.

Not only are the shoes beautifully made, but they are popular among celebrities as well. Their shoes have been found on the feet of celebs like Tyra Banks, Eiza Gonzalez, Carrie Underwood and even featured on

Photo of Agnes Bethel shoes

Photo via Agnes Bethel

Find unconventionally gorgeous shoes to fit your style with Agnes Bethel shoes.

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