Meet Model and Author Allison Kimball

Meet Model and Author Allison Kimball

Allison Kimball is a model, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur  who has recently published a book and started a podcast. In an interview she spoke about the future of the modeling industry, pandemic fatigue, and her love of writing.

Allison Kimball started her modeling career at the age of 12 and is signed with Wilhelmina Models. Kimball believes the modeling industry is becoming more inclusive to those who do not fit the traditional look of a model. Kimball herself has been described as a contemporary kind of model, at 5’6 with big, curly hair.

Kimball advises any want-to-be models to not give up and to not take any criticisms of appearance to heart. She says that she has never let any judgement from others get in the way of her modeling career, despite receiving a share of negative comments throughout her long modeling career.

Kimball is most proud of her podcast The Spiked Kombucha Podcast, which she began at the start of 2021. On her podcast she talks about life advice, the modeling industry, and her experiences as an entrepreneur.

Beyond her many careers, she also enjoys many sports, including snowboarding and surfing. Fitness is important to Kimball. She is also a dancer.

Kimball says writing is one of her greatest loves, and she tries to devote time to write as often as she can.

Despite all of her recent accomplishments, Kimball says she relates to everyone struggling with pandemic fatigue. She advises those dealing with it to remind themselves that they are not alone and to find an outlet. Whether it be journaling, calling friends, or exercise, she says it’s important to find an activity where you can express your feelings and utilize some of your energy. She also advises using our pandemic time to our advantage, like completing a project or doing something we’ve been putting off.

Lastly, Kimball says her goal is to inspire people and to make a difference.

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