Best Everyday Bags

Best Everyday Bags

Bags are arguably the most important part of any outfit, whether it’s for functionality or aesthetic, a good bag is important in everyday style. However, it can be difficult finding the perfect everyday bag. Ranging from an everyday college class bag to a more elevated classic bag, below are some of the perfect everyday bags for any and all of your needs. 

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BAGGU Nylon Shoulder Bag

This BAGGU bag is perfect for when you need to throw in your belongings before going to the gym or when you’re simply just running errands. It’s plain, comfortable, and versatile for those chill days when you don’t need anything special. 

Sid Slouchy Vegan Tote 

This Free People bag is always sold out for a reason – it’s the ideal everyday bag. For $88, this tote is spacious enough for your laptop, any and all folders, and even a makeup bag. It’s a sleek and chic leather look, so it can be perfect for work or errands. It truly is the best everyday bag on the market. 

The Love Knot Slouchy Bag 

Another sleek yet versatile everyday bag, this Anthropology shoulder bag is ideal for a functional and professional look. Ranging in four neutral colors, this bag is professional enough for a work day, but simple enough to sling it on your shoulder for a walk around town. It’s functional and fashionable.

Large Le Pliage Tote 

Last but not least, the Longchamp Tote bag. Although on the pricier side, for $155 you can get the ultimate everyday bag. Spacious enough for all work and self necessities, this bag is classic enough to wear for literally any occasion. It will never go out of style. 

Source: pixabay

It’s truly lifesaving when one finds the ultimate everyday bag that holds everything, and it’s a bonus if it’s fashionable and cute. 

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