Spring 2024 Fashion Trends

Spring 2024 Fashion Trends

Spring has almost sprung, so it’s time for new fashion trends! Keep reading for some Spring 2024 fashion predictions:

  • Midi skirts 

It’s out with the maxi skirts and in with the midi skirts for spring! With the nicer start to the weather, a low-rise, lightweight midi skirt is an essential addition to your spring wardrobe. Whether denim, linen, cargo, or satin, these skirts are functional and cute, perfect for a beach spring break trip or just a warm walk to class. You can’t go wrong with a classic midi! 

  • Asymmetrical Necklines 

This trend started in the winter and will likely last through the spring. Basics are always in style but the asymmetrical neckline adds a fun twist to your classic pieces. With bulky sweater weather on its way out, an asymmetrical long-sleeve is perfect for a girl’s night out this spring! 

  • Micro Shorts 

Making a comeback from their most popular era in the 70s, micro shorts or “hot pants” are in for spring/summer 2024. You can easily dress them up with an oversized blazer and a pair of heels, or dress them down with a graphic tee for an everyday look. Although it might be a little too chilly to be rocking a fun pair of micro shorts, the beginning of spring is the perfect time to invest for the warmer months to come! 

  • Sneakers 

Sneakers are always a great option for an everyday spring shoe and the styles are endless! If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe that will pair well with fun spring pastels, a classic white sneaker with the occasional pop of color is perfect for you. From Samba’s to Golden Goose’s to Dunk’s and more, sneakers are a shoe-in for spring 2024 fashion!

  • Pale Sunshine Yellow 

Spring is the season for soft color palettes, and what better way to celebrate the increase in sunlight than with a pale yellow? After the stunning, yellow, evening dress from the rom-com How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days went viral on TikTok again this past fall, it’s only inevitable that this color will pop up in spring 2024 fashion. Whether it be a handbag, a sundress, or even a cute hairbow, a pale sunshine yellow is the perfect shade for the new season! 

  • Business Casual 

Although the days are getting longer and the nights shorter with spring’s arrival, there may still be some chilly days. A business casual look is the perfect aesthetic for a cooler spring, as it balances the practical and chic. Keep an eye out for oversized blazers and coats, tweed pieces, stylish nylons, and clean-cut pants, to create the perfect spring, work outfit! 

  • Drop Waists

One of the most simple yet flattering trends that will be around this spring is the drop waist. This lower-set waistline used for dresses is the perfect design to accentuate your hips and cinch at the waist. Everybody has a style that works for their body type but the drop waist is certainly one to look out for this spring! 

  • Oversized Tote Bags

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. When you’re on the way to class, work, or just out running errands, an oversized tote is the ideal bag to carry all your essentials, while beating the inevitable, spring rain showers. With waterproof options and pockets galore, there are tons of styles to choose from that will double as a great investment and an adorable accessory. 

Photo by Cheng Qi Huang on Unsplash
  • Kitten Heels 

Gone are the days of sore feet and blisters as kitten heels are coming to the rescue this spring! This shorter heel, often with a classic slingback strap, is the perfect shoe to dress up an outfit for any event without wishing you had worn flats the next morning. The colors, prints, and styles are endless, so check them out in time for the new season!

What do you think will be trending this spring? Let us know!

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