Antonio Wingfield Presents… The 8th Continent

Antonio Wingfield Presents… The 8th Continent

Where Fashion, Art and Theatre Collides… 

Saturday, September 23rd… I had the pleasure to attend “The Antonio Wingfield’s: The 8th Continent” Fashion Show. As always, I was pleased to see bold, creative, and one of a kind pieces. I make it my business to attend Antonio’s Fashion Show every year. I always meet Dallas’s most fashionable DIVA(s) and DIVO(s). Every year, I am greeted with excitement from the audience. The runway is definitely his canvas. From magnificent head pieces to overflowing sleeves, the wardrobe was phenomenal. 


Prior to the fashion show, Antonio stated via Facebook, “Freedom, justice and equality are not difficult to achieve. They are only difficult to achieve in a world run by those who are in the pursuit of privilege. Come see our show, The 8th Continent, and get a glimpse of what the world could be if we make the choice to learn lessons from the past.”


The venue was perfect for his vision . The fashion show took place at the rocky Avocado Restaurant & Lounge in Las Colinas. You definitely felt like you were in another world. The venue sits on a little lake that runs for a mile or two. The little boats were unintentional props for the fashion show. Everything came together just fine. 

Bring The Drama

Highly inspired by Antonio’s creativity, it was my duty to bring the DRAMA. I decided to pair my Designs By Ne’Ameriise dustier with a nude body suit. I finished off the look with a gold choker and Betsey Johnson sandals. 


As I mentioned, it is mandatory to experience Antonio’s greatness, annually! The theatrical music and movements the models convey to execute the purpose of Antonio’s pieces is a MUST see. To learn more about The Fashion Opera/Antonio Winfield, please CLICK HERE


Special thanks to Mardi Hunter and Joshua McAfee for the photos. Mardi Hunter is the founder and CEO of “Fat Girl Foto“. Follow Joseph on instagram, @lonelyboyjoshua.

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